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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

21 Feb 2012

Hi everyone!

Things are going alright here. Last week I decided to go with the daycare that I had found that would take both kids. I called all of the references (5) and they were all glowing and wonderful. I am glad that I didn't let the bird scare me away. The bird will be moving to the garage in April. Silvia is wonderful. Logan and Finn both love the daycare. They cry when they have to leave to come home with me. Makes me feel good. Not really but I am happy that they are happy there. She is took Finn last wednesday morning, then all day thursday and friday and took Logan after school on thursday and friday. She is also taking them this week too and isn't charging me because she wants to make sure we are all comfortable. This Friday Logan will get on his bus from her place and be dropped off there and then all next week is practicing for when I go back to work on the 5th. I can't say enough good stuff about her. She is wonderful and the kids love her. She is very accomodating.

Last Thursday Stephanie and I went to see The Vow for stars and strollers. Was nice for me to be kidless for the movie. I loved it. Friday afternoon Stephanie and I went to walmart and loblaws to do some shopping and couponing.

I picked up 2 140 packs of cruisers for Finn size 4 for $28.75 and was able to use a $5 off coupon on each pack at loblaws. I bought them at loblaws because there was a no tax event!

Then we went to walmart and I picked up the following:

3 philly cream cheese. price matched food basics $1.88 each saved $1.10-$1.60 each
Romaine $2.47 (3 pack regular price walmart)
top dogs hotdogs on sale for $1.88 each at walmart 2 packs
9 pack of pork loin chops reduced to $4.90 from $7
free twistos (coupon from superbowl) $2.67 savings
pringles on for $1 bought 3
bananas $1.48
tylenol infants on for $5 minus my $3 off coupon. bought 3. Regular price is $6.96 or &7.96.
apples price matched independent 1.96/kg
aussie shampoo and condition was $2.96 at walmart, price matched zellers for $2.49 and then used .75 off each bottle. bought 7. Saved $1.25 per bottle.
thinsations $2. - .75 off coupon.
clorox wipes price matched metro $1.99 minus $1 off coupons. bought 2.
white bread wonder plus $1.88 price matching giant tiger and then used .75 off coupons. bought 2.
bagels I think they were $3.50 or something but price matched canadian tire at $2.29 and then used a $1 off coupon. dempsters bagels
broccoli .97 can';t remember if this was a price match
axe shower gel price matched no frills at $3.00 each and then used a $2 off coupon making them $1 each. bought 2.
Strawberries price matched no frills 2lbs for $3. They only had 1lb at walmart so bought 2 of those and he put them in as $1.50 each.
rice crispies squares on for $2.00 each bought 2 and then used a buy 2 save $1 coupon from superstore.
froot loops $2.97 x 2 and 1 frosted flakes at $2.97. used a buy 3 kellogs get $3 off coupon from superstore.
frenchs mustard was supposed to be $1 but I see on my bill I was charged $1.79 minus my 75 cents off coupon.
I also see on my bill one of my coupons for a $1 got entered as $2.00 so basically that corrected the overcharge on the mustard but had I noticed it scan incorrectly I would have got it for free but things were crazy at checkout with all of my price matching etc.
I also bought snap pees for Logan which were $2.97. Later I found out that they are $1 at no frills so I could have price matched them. doh.

total number of coupons used was 22. total coupon savings of $30.17 and then my price matching on top of that.

Total out of pocket was $76.21

With my shopping out of the way I didn't need to run out this weekend. I heated up some of the oven chicken breasts for supper and did potatoes in the oven and a caesar salad. I also made a cheese cake but it wasn't ready in time so we had it on saturday. I love my new epicure cheese cake pan.

Saturday we headed to the war museum at 1430 after Finn's nap. We spent 2 hours there and had a really good time. Logan loved it. It is free for the military but we thought we would have to pay for Logan but apparently each military person can bring 1 or 2 not sure guests each that also get in free. Only cost us $4 for parking.

Then we popped over to Michael and Kelly's for supper. We had lassagna soup which was awesome and a great visit. We ended up forgetting the diaper bag.

Sunday we got up and went to church at 11 and then took the boys to Funhaven. Logan absolutely loved it. We went for 2 hours. Only cost us $9.99 for Logan. Finn had fun too.

Unfortunately the military doesn't get family day off so Paul had to go back to Kingston sunday night. we were very sad to see him go. On family day, the boys and I just hung out and watched movies in the den. We even rocked out a little with rockband!!

This morning I took Finn to daycare and Logan to his bus. Then I vacuumed. Doing some cleaning and then I will pick up Logan from the bus and then take our comforter to be drycleaned. I have a fab coupon for 20% off!!! Then I have to pick up a couple of parcels from the post office. Then I will pop over to the Independent and then probably head over to walmart and food basics. There is a couple more things I need to pick up on sale and then I will do some more house cleaning before the boys come home.

Making spaghetti for supper tonight. Can't wait to use my super duper epicure pasta pot!

Can't believe 2 weeks till I go back to work. Life is going to get crazy busy!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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