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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 25 20X the point event at shoppers

So had a good week. Thursday I saw "This means War" at the theater with Stephanie for the stars and strollers. Kids were at daycare. It was awesome.

Yesterday we had a huge snow storm. Paul made it home later than normal but made it home.

Today we came down to Mom and Dad's. They were supposed to come to the hospital but Great Grandpa is in the hospital now so we came up instead. It appears to be pneumonia. We visited him today in the hospital with the kids.

Then I stopped in to Shoppers drugmart in Belleville on the way to Mom and Dad's since it is a 20X the point event when you spend $50.

Here is what I bought:

2 Neilson choc milk 1 L at $1.29 each
3 Duracell mini chargers regular $19.99 on for $9.99 and used my $5 off on each one from P&G
9 Charmin travel toilet paper at $1.19 each
7 Charmin 5 packs of seat covers at $1 each
Used the following coupons on the Charmin: 4 Save $1 on 1 Charmin. Then I usd 2 Save $4 when you buy any 3 of the following brands: charmin, puffs, etc, and 3 Save $3 when you buy any 2 of the following brands: charmin, puffs, bounty etc. So basically the charmin stuff was free and I actually got a bit of an overage. I used $21 in coupons for them and it only cost me like $17.70 for the products. Sweet!

Then the duracell mini chargers came with 2 AA rechargeables and the charger and only cost me $4.99 each.

Total before taxes and before coupons was $50.19.

Total after coupons before taxes was $14.19. $6.19 in tax. Total OOP was $20.38

500 regular points earned and 9500 bonus points earned for a total of 10000 points.

Before I rang that stuff through I bought a shoppers drugmart gift card to get the points but I screwed up. I bought a gift card for $57 thinking that my total was $57 after taxes but not taking in to account my coupons. So now I have $57 minus the $20.38 left on my card. Oh well. I got 570 points for buying that shoppers gift card and then used it to pay.

The best part of my transaction was that one mini charger sells for $19.99 regularly at shoppers and my total after taxes was cheaper than buying one of those at regular price!!!

The bill says I saved $33.70 on my sale items!!

Paul got a 95% on his exam on friday which was awesome but then failed his practical practice test. I am sure he will do awesome on the real thing on Monday.

HOpefully Great Grandpa will come home from the hospital soon.

Only one more week left before I have to go back to work :(

I started the couch to 5K again to try and get back in to better shape. So far I have done 4 workouts in 4 days. Doing well.

I started watching Life Unexpected on Netflix and love it. Already on Season 2. Makes the workouts go by superfast. When I go back to work I will get to work out every day from 0800-0900 so that will be nice. I only go back for a week and then I am off for Spring Break and the following monday and then the rest of the mondays in march and the last friday in march and first monday in April. Wish I was going to see the junos which are in ottawa this year.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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