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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 21 2012 post #2

Feast or famine on my blog. Some days no posts and today there is 2.

So I took Logan to pick up the parcels on the way to daycare and I didn't have the notices left by the postman. I misplaced them from friday night till today. She wouldn't give me my parcels. Said I had to find them or wait for a 2nd notice. I was not impressed. I actually started crying in the car. Must be stress. Logan goes "why are you sad mommy?" I said because she wouldn't give me my parcels. Took him to daycare and Finn was having a blast. Didn't want anything to do with me.

After that I dropped the comforter off at the drycleaners. Worked out to $35 or something for the duvet to be cleaned. Oh well. I got to use my 20% off coupon though.

Then I came home and made a couple of chicken wraps with cheese wraps for lunch and then organized some coupons to get ready for my trip.

I headed to rexall on merivale first. They have multibionta vitamins (30 packs) on for 2 for $20 right now and I have $10 off printable coupons which would make them free. First I did a quick walk around the store to see if they had any tearpads. I found some awesome save $3 when you buy 2 aveeno products! Then I found the vitamins. Unfortunately they only had the ones for 50 years old and older but I got 6 of them anyway, and then I picked up a 6 pack of pepsi that I had a free coupon for and a 2L pepsi that I had a free coupon for, and a smartfood popcorn that I had a free coupon for. On my bill it shows $4.99 for the pepsi, and then a $4.99 coupon, $2.49 for the 2L and then $2.49 coupon and then $10 for each vitamin and $10 coupon, and then $3.69 for smartfood popcorn and then it subtracts $3.69. My subtotal is 0.00 and then it charged me hst on everything for $9.25. I then used a printable save $2 when you spend $20 at rexall coupon making it $7.25. If I had more time I would have bought all of the vitamins separately and used a $2 rexall printable on each one. I ended up paying $7.25 and it says on the bottom of the receipt that I saved $104.11.

Then I popped over to metro. I didn't find any tearpads here. I redeemed 2 free product coupons for 12 grain bagels at $3.79 each and then I picked up 1 pack of hamburger buns and one of hot dog buns 2 for $5 and then redeemed another free 2L pepsi coupon for $1.75 and another 6 pack of pepsi at $5.99. Now looking at my receipt she only took $4.99 off. crappy. Anyway, the bill came to $7.01 and I earned 1 airmile. I think since they are charging me tax on the full price before the free coupon that it will be better to buy my stuff at walmart price matching it for the lowest price possible in the future. I

Next stop was walmart. I had an awesome cashier. I picked up another childrens tylenol at $5 - $3 printable, thinsations at $2 -.75, my free natrel baboo toddler drink $3.26-$3.26, 5 philly cream cheese price matched food basics at $1.88, 2 large eggs price matching cdn tire at $2.29 each minus my save $1 when you buy 2 eggs coupon, price matched dempsters bagels at cdn tire for $2.29 -$1 coupon, I picked up 2 packs of english muffins at $1.74 each because they had $5.50 in coupons in them. 4L of milk $4.29 price matching cdn tire, dempsters white bread at $2.48 price matched to $1.99 at shoppers. It also came with $.50 off my next pack of bagels, price matched ziploc storage bags for $2.27 at superstore and used $1 off each one, 2 packs of chicken weiners at .97 each, then the best thing ever was valentines day chocolate at 75% off. I scored 6 400g toffifee's and 7 ferrero rocher for $1.50 each. awesome!! subtotal $51.26, total $55.30 total $ value of coupons used was: $11.01. Regular price of the chocolates was a minimum of $6.47 each so they should have been $84 on their own!!!!

ok so the coupons from the english muffins are: .75 off black diamond cheese, .75 off lactantia butter, .75 off cheese makers 250g cheese, .75 off almond fresh 1.89L, .50 off oasis 960 ml juice, .75 off allens 2L apple juicle or 1.89L juice, .75 off twinings tea and .50 off naturegg omega 3 eggs.

the coupons from the ziploc is: save $1 off any 2 ziploc products, save.75 off any fresh produce, save .75 off any Block cheese product, and save $1.50 off any fresh chicken products.

Then I popped over to food basics since walmart wouldn't let me price match the basmati rice. I picked up 2 basmati 10LB bags at $5.99 each. They also had dove go fresh on for $2.99 and I bought 5 and used 5 $2.00 off on each one making them $1 each, I picked up a 9 pack of chicken breasts stuffed with broccoi and cheese for $10, lactantia homo milk $6.29 - $1 coupon = $5.29 and it came with another $6 in coupons for stuff like more milk, astro yogurt, black diamond cheese strings and black diamond cheese. I mentioned this in a previous post, and I picked up skinny cow ice cream bars for $4.99 minus $1 off printable from facebook, a free bag of doritos from the superbowl event and 4 packs of bacon on for $2.44 or so. I can't find my receipt right now but I think that was everything.

Then I popped in to bulk barn to pick up Logan's free cheecha puffs from the cheecha gram I sent him on valentine's day. I had to pay $.32 in tax. Can't wait to try them.

Then I was rushing to the daycare to get the kids. Kelly called at 1630 while I was enroute to the daycare to invite the boys and I out to denny's at south keyes to celebrate fat tuesday, aka shrove tuesday, aka mardi gras aka pancake tuesday. I picked up the boys. Logan started crying because he didn't want to leave. Finn wanted nothing to do with me. We quickly ran home to drop off some groceries and headed to denny's. We had a great meal. Was delighted that kids eat free on tuedays!!! I had the new prime rib skillet. It was yummy. Finn did a great job on his pancakes, eggs and bacon and sausage and then puked up a tonne of stuff at the end of his meal all over himself, his coat, the floor etc. Was very gross.

After I cleaned him up we ran into walmart since we were there and I wanted to get the peas for Logan at the $1 price. I picked up 3 bags which are $2.97 at walmart and price matched them for $1 each at no frills. I also picked up a 400g tub of philly dill pickle for $3 pm no frill, then I bought 6 double boxes of puffs for $8.97, 12 rolls of bounty for $8.98 and 1 charmin seat cover for $1. I was able to use a $6 off when you buy one bounty, one charmin, and one puffs product coupon!!!The puffs came with the following coupons worth $20:
save $6 when you buy one charmin, puffs and bounty, save $3 when you buy any 2 products from the following brands: bounty, charmin, puffs, save 50 cents on any bounty napkins, save $1 when you buy any one bounty 12 roll count or larger, save 50 cents on any charmin freshmates, save $1 on any charmin product, save 50 cents on any tide product, Save $1 on any puffs product, save 75 cents on any duracell coppertop, save 50 cents on any downy or bounce, save $1 on any pampers diapers, save $1 on any febreze fabric refresher 800ml, save $1 on any clairol natural instincts, save $2.50 on any head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner.

Came home, bathed the kids and put them to bed. Then I had to cook up the hamburger meat that was defrosting all day. Made pasta sauce for thursday as we will try to go without meat tomorrow for ash wednesday. Fish it will be!!! I don't consider fish meat.

Through in a load of clothes since Finn puked on everything and now I am off to bed.

Boys have a dr. appt so they won't go to daycare till after that which is at 11am. Then I will clean the house all afternoon and get organized.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn.

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