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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sept 23 2011

Hello everyone.

I have been crazy busy doing some more massive decluttering/cleaning this week. Finn's, Logan's and the master bedroom are looking the best they have ever looked. Another few loads to Too Good to be threw and some more toiletries donated to Lilli House (the women's shelter). Too good to be threw is a thrift store that you can donate household goods to that raises money for the women's shelter as well. Feels good that all of my priceless "clutter" (read hoarding) can go to good use. And I am feeling way less stressed the more I get rid of and tidy up. The kids have been at daycare all week with me taking Logan to school in the afternoon. I feel like a taxi driver. It is alot of time spent driving taking him to school for 1245 and then going back downtown to pick him up at 1525. Oh well. That is life. Today they have been at daycare since 0930 and they will be there till 1600 so I have been making soooooooooooooooo much more headway. It is nice that I haven't had to run there and get Logan and take him to school.

Yesterday I went for my monthly spa services at Oh Spa. I had a body polish and a massage and it was wonderful. I took the kids to daycare at 0930, then at oh spa for 0945 for 1000 start. Out of there at 1210 rushing to pick up Logan out in Beckton estates, and then way back downtown for drop off. Then home. I then did some more tidying, and then went to town a little early to drop by shoppers drugmart. I picked up some good tearpad coupons. I redeemed my $6.00 off aspirin for a bottle on for $5.99 so that was free. I was also able to pick up some Alberto european styling putty on for 99 cents and use my $1.00 off coupon so that was also free. I grabbed some baby food on for 59 cents each too. A good score was some neocitran warming liquid cough/cold syrup. It was on sale for $6.99 and there was a tear pad there for $3.00 off. So it was only $3.99. Unfortunately there was only one coupon. I would have loved to buy 2 and get the bonus points. Oh well. I stopped by the Shoppers in comox on the way home from dropping off the kids and they didn't seem to have any tear pads of coupons and didn't have the same sale. The neocitran was $10.99 there.

After picking up Logan we stopped at Superstore for a few things. We got a brick of cheese, some cheese strings on sale with a contest on them, some 50% off bread and buns, some other bread, sour cream. They were out of mcCain's deep n delicious so I couldn't redeem our full price free coupon for it. But the awesome deal I got was tostitos and ruffles coupon for buy 2 and get a free con queso dip, salsa or spinach dip. I bought 2 tostitos lime and got the free spinach dip. The chips were on sale for $2.47 each. The spinach dip retails for $4.99 or $4.49.

Then we came home and Finn was very happy to see Mommy. Paul cooked up some delicious curried chicken for supper!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy!!

Then we played some Wii Mario brothers with Logan. He is quite good at it. He calls it "mexico brothers" or Mexico because they say "It's a go" and he hears Mexico!!! Sooooo funny. Then bedtime for Logan at 2100. He stayed up later that normal so play Mexico. Then Paul and I and Finn watched the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. I loved it. Man I missed it. Finn went to bed finally at 2200 without a fuss and slept till 0700. This was awesome because all week he has been waking up at 0430 or 0330. He even took some formula from me at 2100 no problem from the bottle.
He is such a great little man. Logan is wonderful too and dotes on his baby.

Last weekend Paul converted a pedal bike into a balance bike for Logan and he seems to like it and is getting the hang of it.

Oh yeah, this week I was able to redeem my coupon for the free kinder egg for Logan. He loved it. Was so funny,. I would pick him up and he would say "Did you get my free egg". I said it was mine. It is also hilarious when I get the mail and he goes "Did you get some coupons Mommy?" He is a broken record lately. He constantly says "Member Mommy, Member Daddy" as in Remember. But all the time. Also, Right Mommy, and Right Daddy constantly. And he always says " I said ......" Pretty sure he got that from us. he also said to me yesterday "I told you three times...." He didn't but it was too funny.

That's all for now. Lunch and then back to the cleaning. Counter of the island is almost bare!!! I know. Crazy eh?

House isn't up for sale yet and we don't know when our HHT is yet.

Oh yeah, Shoppers spend your points event is this saturday and sunday. Redeem 50,000 points for $100 or redeem 95000 points for $200.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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