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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept 26 Shopper's Drug mart shopping trip

Stopped at Shopper's Drugmart after dropping off Logan to catch his bus to school that he takes on Mondays and WEdnedsays. Was quite a few awesome deals.

Lays potato chips on for $1.79 each limit of 4.
Nyquil/dayquil pack 40 caplets total $9.99 on sale rack
Cottonelle wipes and refills on for $2.99 each (used three $1 off coupon and bought 3)
Post Cereal Honey nut crunch on for $2.49, used my $1 off and my .75 off.
Mr clean eraser on for $2.99 used my $.50 off
Physicians formula pack on for $6.99 and has a $6 MIR.
Tylenol body pain night on for $8.99 and had a $5 off coupon
Philly dill pickle dip on for $3.29 (not a great deal but still on sale)

I used $10.25 in coupons so my total came to $59.71 after tax and then on the bill it says I saved $61.50 today!!! The post cereal was supposed to give me a free t-shirt and magazine on each box but I didn't read the box to see that the deal expired in June. Crappy. But still a good price for a box of cereal. I got the almond crunch one.

I got home just before or around 1400 and Paul got home at the same time. The power is out all over town and at the base so he got to come home. We still have power at our house!!!!

Also Purex laundry soap and the 3 in 1's are on for $3.99 too. I have a $3 off coupon but all stocked up on laundry detergent right now and my coupon is good till december so I will wait till after we move. Not sure if the movers will move my laundry detergent. Hopefully since it is still sealed but you never know.

Did some awesome organizing, cleaning and decluttering in my scrapbook room this morning.
Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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