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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update 14 October 2012

Has been awhile since my last post. Lots to talk about. I am giving myself only 10 minutes to update this so i better time fast. 10 minutes at 100 words per minuts should be 1000 words. We will see how I do. So the first week in August, Paul and I took leave and headed down to Erinsville, Ontario for the week. We camped in Mom and Dad H's trailer right at the lake and had a blast. We went fishing. I caught one decent fish the whole time and tonnes of little sunfish, as did Logan. Paul caught a few and then 1 really good one on the last day that we ended up putting back. Then on Thursday night the 9th of August we headed North to Bowmanville for the boots and hearts festival. It was pouring rain when we were setting up our tent but we got it all set up and were nice and cozy inside. Then the next day we got up and I made breakfast and then we filled up our water containers. We took a shelter that we could shower in with solar water bags. Worked well. It was also a good thing that we had our bikes because we were a 10 minute bike ride or 30 minute or so to the concert area. Friday we went to see Crystal Shawanda and I can't remember at this point. But basically we had the best weekend ever. We were nice and dry in our rain suits as well. We met some awesome people, Peggy & Darren, Diane, Tim and Sandra. We loved Tim McGraw, Big n'rich, Paul Brandt, Alabama, Kira Isabella, Terri Clark. Everyone was great except for this guy from the HIP. We didn't enjoy him. We left Sunday night and didn't see Lionel Ritchie or Carrie Underwood. we really wanted to see Carrie but we were bagged and had a long ride back to Mom and Dad's and then home on the 13th. Next year it will be the long weekend of August and we will go VIP style this time. We had such a great time. Lots of whiney people complaining about the weather but we lived in the moment and had a blast. Tent worked out awesome. Mom Hacker took care of the kids for us. Was so great for Paul and I to have a weekend together without kids after he had been gone for so long. On the 13th I decided to seize the day and book flights home to see my family in Manitoba. I took my holiday around labour day weekend so as to save some leave and Finn is still free so it was only 2 seats for Logan and I. We flew on aeroplan points and flew back to ottawa business class. That was soooooooooooooooooooo amazing. Couldn't believe they gave me glass glasses while I had a toddler in my lap. He ended up smashing the glass with the metal tv tray and spilling my beer on my leg. Was great to get home. I was "sick" for the full 2 weeks while I was in Manitoba. Finn gave it to me and then my Dad got it. After being sick in July for 2 weeks and then this time I went in to the hospital and the dr. said that I might have allergies. He gave me nasinex and claritin and the next day I felt like a million bucks. Sept 10th I was at Asticou for Project Force. They are trying to make a new pt test for the military that is more reflective of the actual tasks that military members are called to perform at peace and at war. The first day I was "sick" with what I thought was a cold and couldn't breathe very well for it. We were divided up into teams. I volunteered for this testing since I was over 30 and they wanted more women over 30 to test. They weighed us and did a BMI. Basically I have alot of fat to get rid of but adequate muscle. I did 10 pushups, 1:02 on the sorensen back endurance test, stage 4 on the beep test (I couldn't breathe), combined hand grip of 85 which is over 100% for my age, then we did the flexed arm hang and I couldn't support my weight. Lasted 2 seconds, wall sit: 1:08 minutes, front plank 52 seconds, then we had to lift a 35kg sandbag a height of 1m and touch the wall with it and then shuffle to the right and do the next sandbag the same. They timed how long it would take us to do 30 and I did it in 70 seconds. Then I had a 15 minute break before I did my 20 msr beep test, which also didn't help me stopping at level 4 which was my worst ever. Still a pass though. In the afternoon we did famil for what would happen on the 17th of sept. On the 17th we showed up to asticou again and we did an exercise where we had to carry various weights various ways back and forth 23 separate times and it was timed. You could run only when you weren't carrying anything and we were in combats. I did mine in 11 minutes 55 seconds which was good. Then we had lunch and after lunch we did the YOYO test which is a version of the 20 msr where you run through the line at each end and there is a pause. I ran to level 6 and then I was told to stop because she didn't see me cross the line. Was fine with me. Then on the 23rd of September I did the Army Half marathon of 21km. It was truly an amazing and wonderful experience. I ran with my friend Leanne. We finished with a time of 2 hours 45 minutes which was great since I did zero training and had only ran 5 km probably ever in my life. Was such a great time. I was singing the whole time and having a blast. I told myself that I could do it and then I did. I wasn't even that sore the next day. I only had 1 blister. The power of positive thinking. Then on the 24th I was supposed to do more pt testing but Leanne was very very sore so we both agreed to do it on the 25th instead because we wanted to do the testing together. Then we had to move 60 sandbags from one pallet to the other one. I did mine in 4 minutes 2 seconds. Then we had to and it will take me too long to explain things but we did an escape to cover. We wear body armour, cadpats, boots, helmet, and fake rifle. 2 hands on rifle at all times. 10 m run-7 second pause-50 m run-10 m leopard crawl under a wire, -30 m run in FFO. Mine was 1 minute 6 seconds total! Was great. Supposed to do it twice but I did my best the first time every time so I didn't do it twice. We had to do picking and digging. It was laborious but not too bad. And then this farmer carry. How long could we walk carrying a sand bag in each hand. I did 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Then this running and lifting feet off of the ground ones. They were fine as well. Was good. So I am the National defence workplace charitable campaign for my unit. I have so far raised $8029 from the 71 people at my unit. I said that I would shave my head bald if we made it to $5000. Now I am aiming for $10,000 raised. My hair is super long and will go to a wig place that will make wigs for women and children with diseases where they lose their hair. I have also planned a few special events since I only have 11 or so more people to canvas. So far only 14 people have said no out of 71 to donating any money. I am very proud of their generosity. My CO has approved the wearing of shirt and tie or ladies equivalent on mondays till the 2nd of Dec at a cost of $15 each. I am doing it and I hope lots of people will do it. Mondays we have to wear our 3B's so it will be wonderful to be comfortable and I'll get to enjoy my hair down for a bit. Fridays we are allowed jeans if we paid $15 back in september. I love it. On Sept 19th we had the depart with dignity for my friend Michael retiring after 33 years in. Myself and my friend Shannon planned his party. It was a wonderful success. I swing danced with him in front of everyone. We had only practiced for 10 minutes together in the morning. I kept trying to lead. oh well. It was such a blast. Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPe6IOogKPs Michael is moving to Kitchener to take care of his mother and I already miss him so much. He was such a great influence on me. Truly a wonderful human being. He taught me so much. Possessions don't matter as much as the experiences and the time with friends and family. I taught him some couponing and price matching and bargain hunting!!!! We had a luncheon with him last friday to say goodbye as well. At the end of september Paul and I participated in the Shepherds of good hope golf tournament with my deputy commanding officer and our admin warrant as well as alot of others from the unit. I organized a food collection to help them with Thanksgiving etc. Myself and a friend each donated a turkey which was awesome and they received some canned goods as well. We ended up right on par for the course. It was a 9 hole and I had the best shots ever golfing. Was a beautiful day out and we had a blast. I sunk a 70-80 foot putt. Wish they would have recorded it. It was unbelievable. During september Paul went to Mary-Ann and Thomas's wedding and Mom and Dad H had the kids. I made it to a Shane Yellowbird concert and did a tonne of cleaning and organizing and decluttering at our place. Still more to go. We continue to live every day like it was our last and make the most out of this one beautiful life we have. The kids are amazing and wonderful. we are truly blessed to be their parents. Finn is trying sooooo hard to talk. I have been suffering from depression and mental illness off and on for most of my life. Not sure if it started when my parents separated or what. Would come and go. Lots of horrible things have happened in my life but I haven't been dwelling on it. It would just show up and make me miserable. My self esteem was incredibly low due to the bullying I suffered in high school and in college. When I was in grade 7 the other kids said that I was ugly like a "dog" and called me "tire biter". This was really stupid because they said that "dogs bite tires" and I was an ugly dog. They would chase me down the street barking like a dog. Small town. Was a rough time. It didn't help any that I didn't get along with my step-mother through all of this. 3 of my 4 brothers have attempted suicide at different points in their lives. Raymond was successful in 2002. I still miss him every day and wish he was here. It plagued my thoughts in 2001 when I was deployed on the HMCS Vancouver. I was continuously misunderstood and was getting in crap for things that weren't my fault. I was held to a way higher standard for some reason than anyone else on the ship. I used to contemplate slitting my wrists between watches so that I wouldn't have to go on. But I managed to pull through and I ceased my training as a Maritime engineer which I wasn't enjoying. 3 months after I returned from the Arabian Sea was Raymonds suicide and it was devasting. He called me to say goodbye and tell me he loved me. This was the best gift he could have given me. I got to tell him how much I loved him and plead with him not to leave. After his suicide I was worried that the other 4 of us would do it or that no one would. After the devastation that this caused the family no one would ever do it since it was so awful. This spring I was depressed. Not sure why. People thought it was because of the 10 year anniversary of Ray's death. I thought it was something hormonal. I had some tests run and at the end of May I went on zoloft. It is working awesome. I am not sure if I had moodiness and depression due to hormones or what but everything is sorted out now and I am sooooooooo happy. My knees have "healed" themselves and I am not in constant pain anymore. I am living life to the fullest and trying to help as many people as I can through charities, couponing, and donating. I just want everyone to realize that there is no shame in asking for help and things can get better. I was devastated to hear about Amanda Todd being bullied. Bullying makes me sick. We all need to be nicer to each other and show our kids how to treat other people. I have been playing badminton 3-5 times per week now and I am training hard for nationals. There is 3 women here in the ncr competing for 2 spots. I play 3 times per week at the gym at work with co-workers and once or twice with the ncr team. I love this sport soooooooo much. Paul is doing really well at work. He is playing hockey and some intramural golf. My daycare lady Silvia is amazing. She is sooooooooooooooo wonderful to us and the kids. Friday night Paul and I went to the US Navy's 237th annual Navy Day ball in Greely and had a blast. He wore a tux and I wore a ballgown and had my hair done. Was a great last hurrah for my hair before the head shaving on the 26th of October. We had a "ball" at the ball. The guy that shaved my head on the flight deck of the vancouver in 2001 was there. Was so ironic and awesome. Last time I raised $1200 for diabetes. 26th October will be a head shaving extravaganza at work and will hopefully garner some great press for the NDWCC. I am planning a movember for the guys in my unit for november and a no leg shaving for the women. Paul and I won tickets to the y101 40th birthday bash at montanas in kanata on nov 5th. Someone from that party will win a trip for 2 to nashville and then las vegas and will get to see shania twain in concert and tim and faith. I am soooooooooooo hoping and praying that it will be us. I will be bald for the party on the 5th!!! Love and God Bless to everyone. Treat everyone like you would like to be treated. Be the change you want to see in the world. Live, laugh, and Love. Couponing update: This weekend is the double double event at shoppers. Spend $75 before taxes and before coupons and they give you a $10 timmies gift card and a $10 shoppers gift card. packs of huggies wipes are on for $6.49 each and there is 186 wipes in the packages. Each pack of huggies wipes gets you 2500 bonus points which will make the wipes basically free if you have enough points the first week of december for the meg bonus. Some of the packages even have a 50 cent coupon attached. You can also pick up a lysol no touch hand soap dispenser for $12.99-$14.97 and use the mail in rebate from the smart source this weekend. You will be reimbursed up to $14.97 for this. There is also stayfree and carefree pads on for $2.99. there is a printable coupon for stayfree ultra with wings for $2 off that is good till january 2013. google it. $2.99 of the purchase goes towards the $75 total and you only pay $1 plus taxes on the full amount. I bought some osteojointease on for $21 and used a $5 off coupon. Will be mailing that to my Grandma Richard to see if it helps her arthritis. I will be donating some of the huggies wipes that I purchased to the woman's shelter and the food bank. I know it isn't food but if people have wipes they can use their money for food. Still waiting patiently for Lynne and Dino's baby to arrive. So far she is 6 days overdue. My trip to Manitoba in September was awesome. Suzanne and Morag's reception was wonderful and it was nice to see my kids play with their cousins (Rolly and Robyn's kids). Was soooooooooooo great to celebrate my Grandmas 91st birthday with all of the family. I passed on my cloth diapers to my cousin Kathy and Lynne & Dino. Things are going really well at work. My co-workers are great and I love the job and I love Ottawa. Today we went to church and then I let Paul have some me time and the kids and I went to visit Auntie Colleen and Uncle Jonathon. Colleen is a good friend of mine. Our birthdays are 1 day apart and I have known her since 1999 or 2000. The kids played well together. She is also Finn's Godmother. She gave me the sweet coupon hook up today for the lysol system and I told her about some deals. We had a great visit. Wish I could see her more. I started doing Yoga as well. So far I have done it 3 times. Brandy from work does it for free on tuesdays from 0800-0900. I love it!!! I have lost over 10 lbs since the 10th of september. curing my allergies and all of the pt kick started my metabolism and I am burning calories like crazy. I am literally "high" on life. I am the happiest that I have been in a long time. A couple of weeks ago, a great friend of mine Leonie was in town and I drove to Kanata to have some time with her. It was so great. She gives the best hugs and a huge heart. I love that chick. She sent me the best care package ever when I was in KAF. I can't wait to send some stuff to her as she is deploying soon. For Thanksgiving we stayed in Ottawa. I cleaned the house on the saturday and then Amy and Steve came up for supper with Tikka and Paul cooked us a wonderful turkey. I made the salad and the stuffing. Stuffing not from scratch. The turkey and Paul's stuffing was amazing. We had a great time. Sunday night I invited ourselves out to Dave and Nadine's for their thanksgiving. We dressed up and had a really great time! Love those 2. They were in Comox with us as well and got posted here last summer. We had a wonderful time! I am working on my french again and I am taking mandarin lessons. I highly recommend my friend Lucy from Unicorn Spa on Merivale. She is amazing. Great prices. She does waxing, massage, acupuncture. For massages she has a stamp card. After 9 massages you can get a free 60 minute massage. 10 for the price of 9. She is amazing. She gave me a massage the night before the Army half marathon and then I went to her after the run for another massage and some waxing. I love her. She is also helping me with my mandarin and I am helping her with her english. Just wanted to let people know about the walmart mastercard. You get $15 when you use it for the first time at walmart and then use it once somewhere else. You also earn rewards for using it at walmart. Since I do a tonne of price matching and couponning at walmart it is working well. There is also a wonderful deal with ING right now. If you open a savings account based on my orange key which is 14616744S1 they will pay us each $25. This is with Ing direct. They are wonderful and have no fees. I also opened up a chequing account with them. I transferred my payroll to them and they are going to send me a $100 apple giftcard just for me doing that!! Wishing you and yours a happy fall. Logan turned 5 on October 5th and Dad H turned 55. Happy birthday to both of them. the night before Logan's birthday we went to Lone star for supper. was super fun!!! Love you all: Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn!

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Judy Borden said...

Just finished reading your blog and was sad to hear that u haD SUFFERED FROM BULLING AS WELL. i DON'T THINK ANY OF US HAS AVOIDED THIS HORRIBLE THING. iT IS SUCH A SHAME TO HEAR OF YOUNG PEOPLE TAKING THEIR OWN LIVES BECAUSE OF THE BULLYING. hOPEFULLY THE gOVT. WILL DO SOMETHING TO MAKE SUCH ACTIONS A CRIME that can be punished by law. We need to do something and like u said we can be the one that makes thingsa change. We need to be happy with who we are. The good Lord knew what he was doing when he created us so we have live our lives with faith and love. I am sorry about your brother. It is such a devastating thing for families, everyone wondering what they could have done to stop it. Amanda Todd's death has made the world aware of the fact we need to do more to stop hurting each other and show more respect for each other as human beings. We have to start somewhere! It is nioce to know u are happy in your life and doing what u need to do to keep feeling that way. Congrtatulations and best of life to u and your family. Think of u often and yes I am a coupner too! Love it. Hugs for the boys and know that you are a beautiful person inside and out.

Love, Judy