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Sunday, December 6, 2009

06 DECEMBER 2000

Wednesday night Paul had CPR course from 1800-2130 or so. Logan and I hung out and tidied up the house. Thursday I can't remember what we did, nor can I remember Friday. Lots of family time. Friday night Paul went to his TGIF and then we had pizza for supper.

Saturday Paul headed up to the Mountain for patrolling and Logan and I got moving and went to the Christmas Party at the Officer's mess. There was pancakes, and sausages, and a bouncy castle that Logan was finally big enough for. The big kids were a little much in there not really watching out for the smaller ones. Santa came and Logan wasn't happy to sit on his lap! We left there at 1100 and then headed to town to try and find boots and ski pants for the little man. We went to payless and they wanted us to pay more. It was $45.99 for a pair of boots. So we kept looking. We went to winners and found a pair for $21.99 that he loves. Then we managed to find an awesome pair of ski pants but it was a 2 piece with the coat. He didn't really need another winter coat but we needed the pants and they didn't have them at wal-mart or superstore. So $45.99 for that but wow does he look cute. Then we headed to the arena and arrived at 1300 not knowing that the free skate is 1200-1300. So we headed home and then called Paul and decided that we would head up to the mountain and try out the tubing. So we made it up there and went to the first aid shack where Paul was working and he helped me get Logan all bundled up in his new suit and boots and myself. We had to hike quite a bit up the mountain to get to the tubing area. Logan walked a bit and enjoyed the snow but mostly it was poor Mommy carrying him. He is sure heavy these days and my back is super sore. We got half way there and thought we were going the wrong way so we went back to Paul and we were going the right way so we started off again. I was a sweaty mess when we finally got there. We bought 2 hours for $15. Logan loved the whole thing. We did around 5-6 runs in the first hour and then took a big break to warm up Logan's hands because he wouldn't wear his mitts. Then we did another couple of runs and then started walking down the mountain. Once again Logan walked like a champ and did some running down the mountain but eventually Mommy UP. So I carried him and felt like my arms were going to fall off. We got back to the first aid shack just as Paul was done all of his stuff so we drove home in convoy and Logan fell asleep just before we got home.

Then today Logan woke us up at 0550. I miss his 0800 sleep ins. Then I got up at 0630 and showered and brought him out to the living room so Paul could sleep. Paul stayed in bed till 0900 and then got ready for us to head out to church. Then we were going to skate at 1100 but skating is from 1200-1300 so we ran to town quickly and then came home to play with Tikka and then headed to the Junior Ranks Christmas party. There was 160 kids. Was pretty crazy. We saw Laurel and the boys and Kurtis and his son. Was good. Logan got a cool Elmo kinex set from Santa. He loved it. Then we came home and I tried to take a nap but Logan wouldn't let me. Paul finished setting up the cabinet that I started this morning, then Logan pulled it over on top of himself when Paul was on the phone. Luckily he wasn't hurt. Then Paul and Logan and Tikka went for a walk and I installed it in our bathroom and connected it to the wall so that can't happen again. Looks good.

Tonight, we played with Logan quite a bit and watched 2 episodes of Californication. Paul watched 60 minutes and Logan helped Mommy vacuum. Then Mommy and Logan had a blast when he had his bath. He loved it!!

Now it is bedtime for little bears. I have a medical tomorrow morning although I am technically off. Logan will go to daycare for tomorrow and I'll try and get some stuff done around here. We leave for Ontario on the 14th if memory serves me right.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

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