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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

30 December 0504

A lot to catch up on.

My last post was on the 16th of December.

On the 18th Mom and I and Logan went to New Market to do some shopping. Then Mom got me a full body therapeutic massage at the Briers so help out with my sore back. It was soooooooooooooooo good. Duncan was my masseuse for our couples massage last year as well and he was great. Then I came home and hung out with Logan, Nana and Grandpa.

Saturday the 19th we waited for Paul to arrive in Toronto. He was 40 minutes or so late landing but made it back to the house and we were very happy to see him. Bill and Vickie came by to visit with us. We managed to see all of the neighbours while we were home except for Treena and the kids. Was nice to see Chris though. Sunday the 20th we drove down to Aunt Maryann and Uncle Dwight's for our Christmas dinner with Mom H's family. Nana and Papa were there, Mom and Dad, Dwight and Maryann, Eileen and Terry and Michael as well as Paul, myself and Logan. Amy and Steve couldn't make it because they were sick with the flu. We had a wonderful meal and a great visit. Logan was spoiled rotten with more presents. Then that night and Mom and Dad drove home and Paul and I headed to Grandpa H's to overnight. We had a great visit with him and then headed to Kingston on the 21st to have lunch with Steve and Maryann (friends of Paul's). Then we stopped by Nana & Papa's on the way home and had another visit. We also popped back over to say goodbye to Dwight and Maryann. We got back to Mom & Dad's just after 2100. Logan travelled really well but was quite exhausted from the trip. I wanted to leave Logan with Nana Karen but Paul wanted his friends to meet him so that was what we did. On the 22nd Logan went to the park with Grandpa and Daddy and they did some crazy carpet sliding. Logan was upset and didn't want to go and was crying but probably just because he was so hot all bundled up. He ended up having a wonderful time and kept asking to go "again". On the 23rd he got a 4-wheeler ride with Grandpa and loved that. Will post pics when able.

On the 24th we were having our Christmas dinner with Mom and Dad and Amy and Steve were supposed to come and bring up Grandpa H. Unfortunately Amy & Steve were still sick with the flu and Grandpa H decided he didn't want to come so it was Mom & Dad, Paul, myself and Logan. Mom H cooked up a wonderful meal with help from Paul and I. It was soooooooooooooo good. The turkey was the best ever! We opened presents before dinner. Logan got a million presents and was very spoiled. Paul and I were also spoiled. It was great. Paul got me a Sony ebook reader that I love love love. He also got me a gold chain for my charm from Mom & Dad but it didn't fit so had to return it to Costco. It will fit on a chain I have at home so that is good. Mom & Dad got me a nice leather blazer from Danier but unfortunately it didn't fit so I was able to exchange it for a really nice jacket on boxing day. They also got me a book, a gift card for Michaels, a scarf, change purse, suede gloves, and a necklace charm and a nice cloth bag. Was very nice. Paul got a really nice hunting jacket, General Hillier's book and a couple of other books and a ticket to the Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs boxing day which he went to with Dad and had a great time. Paul and I did some boxing day shopping. I finally convinced Paul that Logan would travel way easier with a portable DVD player and he caved. I was right, Logan totally loves it!!! Yeah!

So as I said, Paul and Dad headed out to the hockey game on boxing day. Amy drove up for a visit and had supper with us. Was great to see her. Steve was still too sick to come.

We had to get up at 0400 on the 27th so Dad could drive us to the airport to head to Winnipeg. We were very sad to leave Mom and Dad but excited to see the rest of the family. Things were crazy at Toronto Airport. Long line to drop off our luggage and an even longer one to go thru security. We were in line for pretty close to an hour to go thru security. Good thing we were at the airport early enough. We made it thru security at 0735 and our boarding time was 0745. We headed to the gate and we boarded a little later so no worries but we were slightly delayed because of how long security took. We ended up landing in Winnipeg on time though.

We picked up our rental car which was a Christmas gift from Dad & Lynn which they decided would save them a trip to Winnipeg. It worked out for the best and we received a free upgrade from National. Instead of a Dodge Calibre we received a Kia Rondo which is a great car. We really like it. We headed straight over to see my Grandma Richard and were able to visit with her from 1100-1215. Then we took her down to her lunch which we had made her late for. We then grabbed some lunch and headed out to visit with Auntie Evelyn and Uncle Dennis and then over to Auntie Olivine and Uncle Bruno's. We had a wonderful visit there and a wonderful supper. Mark and Kathy were also there so that was nice to see them. Kathy is back for 2 weeks from China for the holidays. We were going to see Auntie Linda after Grandma's but no one was home. We found out later that Auntie Linda and Auntie Elsie and Uncle Frank got to Grandma's at 1300 and if we would have known we would have went back after lunch to see them as well. We slept over at Uncle Bruno and Auntie Olivines and Logan was in bed by 1823. He was soooooooooooo tired. Hardly slept all day. He fell asleep on the way to Grandma's and then was woken up for the visit and then fell asleep on the way to Auntie Evelyn's. Poor little guy. We got up at 0545 to make a run in to the city to be able to see Auntie Linda and Uncle Dave before she headed to Teulon to babysit. Was a nice surprise that Rita was there and we got to visit with her as well. Then we popped over to Auntie Elsie and Uncle Frank's for a visit with them as well and Joe & Marcie came so we got to see them too. We forgot Logan's booster seat for the kitchen table at Uncle Bruno's so we had to drive back out there before we were able to head home. We left Uncle's at 1100 and I texted my brother Rick to give him a heads up that we wanted to see him and his family. We got to his play just before 1400 and found out that he hadn't told Candice (his wife) that we were coming. Was funny since I gave Rick a 3 hour notice and Candice thought we gave 10 min notice so I had to set the record straight. Lol.

Logan loved the animal farm that is Rick and Candice's trailer. They have 3 ferrets, some hamsters, a cat and a dog and tons of fish. We visited there for a half hour then Rick had to get back to work so we took off. We picked up Dad's prescription at safeway and then had to stop at wal-mart to pick up some winter boots for Paul. He was freezing since he only had his running shoes and a pair of dress shoes. We picked up some Aleve for me so hopefully that will work for my back.

We arrived in Deloraine at 1700 to an ecstatic Papa Herb and Grandma Lynn. Logan recognized Papa immediately and is always calling Papa to do stuff including his bath. Was great!!! They cooked tacos for supper which was awesome and then we opened prsents. Logan got a toy train (wooden) from Rolly & Robyn for his 2nd birthday, and a set of walkie talkies and the same black & decker kids power tools that Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry got him so we will probably return this set since he has a set at home. Then today the 29th we got up at 0730 (thanx to Logan) and had breakfast and then headed to go and visit my Mom. We stopped in Medora for an hour or so and visited with Rolly and Robyn at work. Was great. Then on to Mom & Duffer's. We got there at 1140. Grandma Edith was visiting Mom so it was great to spend the day with them and visit. More presents again!!!We had lunch there and Mom did a turkey dinner for supper and Rolly and Robyn came after work as well. Was delicious. We left Mom's at 2000. On the way back to Deloraine we stopped in Medora to see Rolly & Robyn's new house. It is sooooooooooo beautiful and wonderfully decorated.

We got to Deloraine at 2300 or so and I gave Logan a bath and then headed to bed. I haven't been feeling good today, and my stomach was upset when I went to bed so I woke up at 0330 and was sick a bit. I just googled Aleve and realize that it is probably that that is upsetting my stomach. Then I purchased some ebooks for my ereader. I am so excited. I bought the notebook which I have seen the movie of but there is a sequel so I wanted to read the book so I can read that. Then I also bought Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, and Stones into Schools which is the sequel to 3cups of tea.

I am looking forward to using my eReader!

So now it is 0530 and I have been up for 2 hours. I am gonna head to bed and hopefully get a few hours.

Tomorrow night Dad is cooking prime rib and Rolly and Robyn are coming over so that will be wonderful!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

Happy Belated Merry Christmas to everyone. All the best in 2010!

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