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Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 December 2038

Monday I had my medical and it went fine. I got a thyroid test so we'll see what comes of that. Then I picked up Paul at 0945 for a meeting with the BPSO. Nothing came of it. We just found out what trades were open. Then I took him to lunch and then dropped him back at work and I came home for a nap and then picked up Logan and went to visit Barb for a bit. Then we came home and hung out with Paul.

Tuesday Logan and I headed to Nanaimo to the mall to get my rings cleaned and then we picked up some stuff at Costco. We had a blast at the mall. Logan rode around in the little car. I picked up some replacement shoes/boots for the ones that Paul destroyed cause he thought they were ratty. I also picked up a new pair of knee high boots since mine really hurt my feet. Then we stopped off in Parksville at the bowling alley to see Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry. Was great to see them.

Wednesday Logan and I and Auntie Gill went swimming. Logan had a blast as always and made me laugh tons. Was great hanging out with Gill. Then we came home and did some cleaning and then took a big nap together. Paul had hockey wednesday night. He scored 3 goals at hockey at work on tuesday. We just found out that Grandpa Art passed away on wednesday morning so it was super sad as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with Grandma Edith at this time. Unfortunately we won't be able to make the funeral on Monday but we will see her at the end of December.

Today, Logan actually slept in till 0800 which was nice and then came to wake me up! Was a nice surprise for Mommy as well. Then we got up and got ready to go and visit Barb and Gary and Gill was there too. Was fun. We were there from 0930-1115 and then we came home to make lunch for Emilie who was popping over to say hi. Was a great visit and great to see her. She leaves in Jan for training in Gagetown and most likely won't be back. :< So sad. I may be buying her scooter though. Is a great deal and I have always wanted one. We'll see what happens. Paul gave blood today and registered to take biology 12 at North Island College which is a pre-req f for medical technician which will most likely be his 2nd choice. Then we had a great supper of curried chicken, with fries and a caesar salad.

Of note today when we were hanging out Logan was super quiet and I didn't know where he was. I found him on all 4's on the rug in the kitchen taking a poo. I picked him up and put him on his potty and he took another huge poo in his potty which was his first. Was so proud of him!!! He was proud too. We did a little dance in the kitchen and both were yelling YEAH for a long time. He did sooooooooooooo good. Then tonight I bathed him and put him to bed. He was crying quite a bit because he didn't go for his nap today. Then I vacuumed the house and tidied up. Paul went to bed at 2000 since he said he wasn't feeling very well.

Tomorrow night is Paul's ACS party. Not sure if I am going but he is. Then Saturday we have family photos with Gill and then Marjorie and Jerry are coming up. We may go skating from 1200-1300 and then Saturday night is my 407 SQN party so they will sleep over and watch Logan for us. Sunday will be recovery....

I think that's it for now.

Oh yeah, it snowed here today. Just a light dusting but still was annoying. I hate snow!!! LOL

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

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