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Sunday, December 13, 2009

13 DECEMBER 1854

Hi everyone.

Friday Logan and I did some running around town a bit. He enjoyed the carousel horse ride at the mall. He wanted to go again but I only had 1 loonie so he had to be content with that.

Then he went down for a nap at 1600 so he wouldn't be rangy for the babysitter. Amber babysat and I headed to Paul's ACS party at Tina's. We had a great time. Lots of ping pong. We didn't get home till 0100. We were pretty tired on saturday since we are never up that late. Then we got up and got dressed up nice for pictures at Gill's house. Logan was less than cooperative but I saw some great shots. Can't wait to get the family pics back!!! Then we headed home and we all napped for a bit. Then I wrapped up Logan's presents and the presents for Marjorie and Jerry. They got here at around 1600 or so. We hung out and Logan opened his presents. He got an awesome spiderman papasan chair from Brenda (his daycare Lady), and an awesome black and decker junior toy tools kit, and a spider man figure that moves around when you push the button. He also got a nice t-shirt from Hawaii from Tammy & Mark, Madison & Ryan, and then he got a remote control car for toddlers from Mommy & Daddy as well as an electronic dump truck that dances and talks. He loves everything. Gill also gave him a little bag of treats that he loved!!

Then Saturday night Paul and I headed to the 407 sqn Christmas party. There was only around 140 people there and the prizes were crappy this year. Didn't matter, we didn't win anything. All my friends were there so that was great. The meal was also wonderful. Paul walked over to the 19 AMS party for around an hour at one point. Then we got a ride home with Phil & Camille so we were home by 2330. Our earliest time home after the party. Was good though. Jerry was still up. Then this morning Logan got up and M & J looked after him until we got up. He got up at 0800 I think and we got up at 0830. Paul was violently ill at 0200. He thinks he ate too much. Was awful. Maybe it was the beef. Not sure. We didn't get any pics of us before we went out. Can't wait to get the pics from Phil & Camille and Nadine and Dave.

Logan didn't pooh since last Thursday on the potty so I figured it would happen this morning. He was hiding in the pantry and Paul smelled some farts so we put him on the potty. He didn't really want to go on it but he did. I read him so books to distract him and shortly after (5 min), he said ouch and then took the biggest pooh right into the toilet. I was sooooooooooooooooooo proud of him. Also yesterday morning he asked for potty and took a pee and then again today at 1600 he asked for the potty. He is such a little sweetheart. Then M&J headed home much to our chagrin. We love spending time with them. Then we went to the family skate. We forgot Logan's helmet so Paul had to drive all of the way home to get it and then come back. Logan wore his bob skates. He had fun but we only got around 15 minutes of ice time.

I have been sick since Friday night after Paul's party. Maybe the late night wore me out. My throat is killing me and now I have a running nose. Hope it goes away soon. Tomorrow Logan is going to daycare so I can bottle our wine at 1230. I am also going for a massage at 1000 since my back is still so screwed. I am like a little old lady crossed with the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Tuesday, Logan and I fly out to Ontario!!! Will be a good trip.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

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