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Friday, April 18, 2008

I definitely don't want 4 kids anymore!!!!

Wowie Wowie, is all I can say. It was a super long day. Logan and I ended up taking Tikka for a walk. Finally my BFF popped over at around 1330. Was supposed to be around 1100 but c'est la vie. We had a little visit. I worked on version 3.0 of my ribbon bag. It is now finished. I am not gonna post a pic till after tomorrow. I don't want to ruin the surprise. Most people will see it tomorrow at the all day scrap event. Version 2.0, the zipper broke and version 1.0 didn't have a lid. Version 3.0 is awesome!!!

After Gillian left I managed to get my fussy monkey and myself a little nap from around 1430ish. Bea and the 2 little ones and the 8 year old Jordan arrived at 1510 and woke me from my slumber. Gabe (3 years old) started crying when Mommy left. This made Logan start crying. Then I went and changed Logan on his mat on the kitchen table. I was worried that he was going to start to pea because he was pitching a tent and just as I was about to get the diaper on he took a huge after nap pea. The kids started laughing. New outfit for Logan, and some food. Then the kids were bored so we went to the park. It was sunny but windy and cold. Logan wasn't having a good time. We were at the park for 5 seconds when Gabe whipped his pants down and started peeing on the gravel. Then Jordan (8) who had taken a pee before we left the house told me he had to pee. So he went and took a pee behind a tree (at least twice that I saw). Ryan and Sam (both 10) were helping me with kids and did a really good job. Finally Paul showed up and took Logan home. We hung out for awhile and then when we were leaving Jordan told me that Gabe had taken a pee in his pants. He was all wet. He also fell down on the way home and was upset about that. Finally we made it home and changed Gabe and gave him a bandaid when we noticed that Dom (18 months) smelled so bad that he had to have taken a poo. I'm not gonna lie, it was really really really gross. I was gagging. I guess it is different when it is your kid, boy do I have alot to look forward to with Logan. I got him changed. Paul had Logan upstairs and I was hanging out with the boys in the basement. They were eating their snacks and playing guitar heros. Then the heavens opened up at around 1730 and the angels sang as Steve (Daddy) came to pick them up. I have nothing but respect for the patience that Steve and Bea must have for having 4 kids. I have no idea how my parents had 5, (the last 4 of us were in 5 years) Sooooo crazy. I guess I'll settle for 2.

After that, things calmed down and I got Logan bathed and ready for bed. Paul fed him some butternut squash and then some peaches. I think he is getting sick. He seems a little stuffed up.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I am off to pop over to Angela's to borrow some cartridges!!!

See you in the AM.

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The Selman's said...

You crack me up! I don't know how I could do it with more than two either! See you tomorrow!