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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fabulous road trip with Logan

Hello again.

I am back in the valley from my awesome road trip. I headed down to Victoria on Friday. I only got out of here at around 11. I made it to Shawnigan Lake in good time. I stopped once to check Logan's diaper for poo but there wasn't any. We got to Leslie & Andrews and had a little visit. Was nice to see them again since the last time I was there Logan was 6 weeks old and Will was only 3 weeks old. Will has been rolling both ways for awhile now and already has 1 tooth. Then we headed to Bona & Norm's for a little visit and to see sweet little Alex. He is one week older than Logan and has been crawling up a storm already. He is a really good eater, and super cute. he kept trying to touch Logan's face and was a little rough so Logan wasn't impressed. Alex loves other kids. We stayed for supper, then we had to run to XS Cargo to try and exchange my LYRA MP3 player which had crapped out but was under warranty. They didn't have anything decent so I have a $90 voucher. I'm gonna see if I can use it online. Then we headed back to Shawnigan lake which is around 45 km from Victoria. We had a good evening and I got Logan down to sleep at around 2030 (8:30 PM). He slept till 0530 and then I was able to get him back down by 0630. Then we got up at 0800. We hung around a bit and he took a big poo and then we headed to Victoria. We were at Michael's when Colleen called me back so we popped over there for a visit. We had an awesome visit and she had some awesome news to tell me. I was ecstatic for them.

Then Logan and I headed over to Alex & Lindsays to meet little Ethan. What a little cutie pie. I visited there and had lunch and then I had a hair appointment at 4PM to get some hilites with Ben and Alex offered to watch Logan for me. It was awesome. I was back there by 5:30 and hung out for a bit and then headed back to Les's. Les and I had a good visit and then I went to bed. Logan woke up at 0130. He had some leakage so I had to change him and then we went back to sleep till 0730. I got up and had breaky and then we headed off just after 0900. We stopped in Nanaimo and spent way too much money at Costco. I bought myself an Ipod nano. I need it to keep me motivated when I am running. I also picked up an infant helmet for Logan so that we can put him in the bike trailer and everything. I bought a new camel back since mine was leaking. Paul spent $36 on a new bladder for his and I got a whole new one for only $19 at Costco.

Then we stopped in Parksville to visit Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry. Logan for the first time in forever, didn't freak out when Auntie held me. He let her feed him and give him snuggles. Then she put him on the carpet on a blanket and he went to town being a rolling machine. Now that he has done it, there is no stopping him. It was so cool to watch him. I would show him something and he would roll over and manoeuvre himself to get it. Bona said that he will probably be crawling in a week now that he has found that out. She had some similar toys that we have and showed me some features that I didn't know they had. Was super cool.

I'm back home and Logan has been in bed for over an hour. The little guy was doing some more rolling here this afternoon and was pretty pooped.

Tuesday I should be scrapping with Gill so that will be nice. Then on Saturday, it is the all day scrap at the MFRC. I can' t wait!

I hope everyone else updates their blogs from the weekend so I have more to read!!!


The Selman's said...

Sounds like you had a great trip and saw lots of little people! Costco is always a kicker to the pocket book! See you Thursday!

thingsyoudidntdo said...

Wow - that's a busy weekend!! Glad you had a good time visiting everyone :-)