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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yeah Logan. Way to go Little Man!

Awesome news. Today Logan rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time. He has been going the other way since 4 months but this was a first and Mommy was so happy and proud. He did it 3 times. Was so cool to see!!!

Had my card making class at Barb's last night. It was so awesome. Too bad Gill had to leave early because she was sick but the project and cards were awesome. It was a really good turnout and a good party for me to host. I ended up with $95 in free stuff and a free hostess gift. I ended up only getting to bed at 1230 thought but it was worth it.

I took Logan and Tikka for a 20 minute run today. It went well.

I'm heading to Victoria tomorrow for the weekend with Logan. Should be fun. We are staying with Leslie, Andrew and Little Will.

I'm not going to scrapping tonight at the MFRC since I have been out already 2 times this week but might get a chance to do some scrapping at home.



Anonymous said...

Yay for Logan!! I didn't know he wasn't rolling yet! But be careful - because that's the first step toward crawling!!

Missed you tonight - have fun in Victoria!

Rae-Lynn said...

He was rolling from stomach to back only. Today was very exciting that now he can do both. I know about the crawling. My friend's baby is a week older than Logan and he is crawling up a storm already.

Missed you too. Who all was there?

Gillian said...

Missed you at scrapping! It was me, Jen, Laurel, Angela, Jacqui, Debbi, crazy in-law lady, Bobbi, and one other person. I only got my two ABC's of me done... and I also accomplished to drop almost everything i own onto the sidewalk outside the MFRC. It was good times :P

Give Logan a kiss from his Auntie Gill for rolling over! He's a superstar!

Have fun in Victoria, i'll miss ya! Remember I call dibs for scrapping on Tuesday!

The Selman's said...

Yay for Logan! That is huge! I loved watching both of my boys learn to roll!

Missed ya tonight!

Bad news ... I can't hot tub for a month! :(

Have a great weekend!