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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Greenwood and beyond

We attended the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Courtenay this year. Then we had a babysitter and Paul and I went to the festivites at the Officer's Mess. We had a great time visiting with veterans and fellow colleagues.

Wednesday night I had volleyball practice, Friday night, Paul went to his TGIF, and then I went to the Officer's mess for mine. It was quebecois night. Food was pretty good. The Tortiere was amazing. The poutine wasn't great. I also rocked out on some guitar hero with Chris Wattie.

Saturday I spent most of the day with Logan since he had a fever. Paul worked on the fence a bit more. Saturday night we went to church and then out to supper. I popped over to Barb's to drop off her chipboard calendar. Then Gill popped over to drop off the beautiful birthdya mini album she made of Logan's 1st birthday!! It is wonderful.

I finally packed up at 2200 on Saturday night.

Sunday morning I woke up later than planned at 0640 and furiously finished packing up. Logan woke up very fussy. He was crying alot and still had a fever. Camille and Phil gave me a ride to the airport since Phil was going with me to Greenwood anyways. We got to the airport and it was pretty foggy. We ended up being delayed 40 minutes and didn't take off till 0920. Then when we got to Vancouver we had to pretty much speed walk/run to catch our 1000 flight. We got to the gate right at 1000 to hear that CMA didn't call Air canada to say our flight was delayed and Air Canada had given away all of our seats to standby people. We boarded the plane and some standby people got kicked off. I was all sweaty and gross from running there and got stock in a middle seat but it was actually very comfortable. It was a 767 and it was huge. 2 seats, 3 seats, 2 seats. 2 aisles. I started to watch Baby Mama and then the system crapped out. After it was reset I didn't have the option of watching baby mama. So i watched something else. Can't remember the name right now. It was pretty good. At the end of the movie I accidentally sheared the pin of my ipod headset. It broke and I was unable to watch anything for the last 2 hours of my flight. I slept instead. In Toronto, we grabbed supper at red rocket, and then I bought a pair of cheap earphones for $6.00. The first place I looked at was charging $25, $35 and $45 for headsets.

We ended up arriving in Halifax at 2200. I was able to watch almost all of Baby mama on this flight. missed the last 30 minutes or so. WE got to Halifax and waited an hour for our luggage which didn't arrive. Air Canada has complimentary toiletries if you ask, but only if you ask. Walt knew that, so we all asked. There was a t-shirt in the bag, a brush, razor, laundry soap, toothbrush and toothpaste but no shampoo. We got to juno Towers at the base and they had booked us into Russell House. I washed my underwear in the sink so I would have a clean pair on monday. I got up at 0730 on monday and ate breakfast at the wardroom. then my luggage arrived at 1000. 3 of us got our luggage. We headed to the airport to look for everyone else's luggage but no one elses was there so we came to greenwood. Everyone else's luggage arrived last night at 1700. Since it was over 6 hours since they got their luggage they had $500 to spend on new stuff. Unfortunately everything was closed during the time that I could have bought new stuff. Then I knew at 0800 my luggage would be there at 1000 so there was no point for me.

Had my first OMS session last night. It had been 2 years since I have done acoustics. It was brutal at first but towards the end I was feeling more comfortable. I definitely have alot more to learn/remember but I feel much better about things. We finished at 2240 last night and had some drinks with the Aesops.

I slept till 1100 today and then had lunch and now I am doing some internet stuff. I will head over to work at 1530 to get my brief ready, then come back for supper at 1630 and we brief at 1700 and do it all over again.

Logan had a fever all day sunday but Paul said he seems better now.


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