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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

on the way home.

Hi everyone. Unfortunately the other internet was done on Sunday night. I finished my shift at 0030. I was soooooo tired. I got home and went right to bed at 0100 and slept till 0630 which was much needed. Then I got up for breakfast and intended on getting some more sleep but I ended up gabbing with Rob and then they decided to tear town 2 of the mod tents. I didn't feel comfortable sleeping when others worked so I got up and helped. It took 3 of us 1.5 hours to take one down. Was so windy it was so hard to fold the canvas and the liners. Then I also folded up all of the cots from our mod. army cots, super fun to fold once you get the hang of it. I also had to move all of P's stuff in to the other mod for him since he had to work at 0800. I was all set to go shower at 1100 so I could go to work at 1200 and be there for the ENDEX. However, it finished at 1100 and they made an announcement. Since I was in my PT gear, I ran the 1.5 km over there. I shook hands with Chops. He is the Chief of Operations, an army LT Colonel and super awesome. I also shook hands with G3. (formerly known as crazy eyes). My face was all read from running and he said "crying already", I said no sir. I ran all of the way over here. Not as fit as the army. Was awesome. Then I walked/ran back home, had lunch and we tore down the other mod.
My flight was booked for 1640 on the 4th of November. We were supposed to take the 1000 bus from camp to W and then the 1100 shuttle to the airport. P (my coworker) hatched the brilliant idea that most early morning flights aren't full and that the same day standby fare is only $40. I called west jet to check on my flight and since DND paid full fare for my ticket I was allowed to change it for no extra cost. Then we had to figure out how to get to Edmonton earlier. The other shuttle is at 0030 to wx and then 0200 to edmonton. I went over and saw the clerks that were supposed to take care of us and inquired as to if there was any room left on the bus for 0200. He seemed very reluctant to even make the call for me. He said to come back in an hour. P went back in an hour and the guy said that everything was full or over booked. When I caught up with P after my shower he told me that and I wasn't convinced. Seemed a little odd that it could be overbooked since if there is more people Transport has to load on another bus. I called Wx direct and asked the Transport section if there was room on the bus. He said of course Ma'am tons of space. Man was I ecstatic with him but choked that the clerk had lied to us. P arranged for his friend to give us a ride at 0100 to camp but later she told us to just take the bus from camp and that it wasn't full. So weird. P didn't want to make a big scene about it but we showed up at 0030 and had no problems. It was a super long night since I had been up at 0630 and hadn't slept. I arrived in Edmonton at 0400ish. I can't remember. I slept on the floor at the back of the bus for about an hour and it was awesome. Then I talked to a secret squirrel for the rest of the bus ride about army stuff. He was helping me learn key words to translate air force speak into army. Was great. Then we got to the airport, ditched our bags and went thru security. Sven, Paul and Dave had to pay $40 to change their fares but were happy to get home 12 hours earlier than planned. They flew out at 0630 and I flew out at 0830. I slept for 20 minutes on the bench before my flight. Flight was super fast, a bit of hard landing into calgary. I am currently in the business lounge at the airport. It is awesome. $25, free food and beverages, booze starts at 1000. I will be able to have a beer before my flight home. Oh yeah, beer which I hate, didn't taste too bad when I had 2 kokanee at the Smoker(final party). We had steak and lobster for supper, had to pre-purchase tickets for 2 beer. NO one asked me so P gave me his 2 beer tickets since he didn't feel like drinking them. I think I got a buzz off of 2 beer. Andre left that night and there was guitar hero on the projection screen. I rocked out a few times. Was awesome. Dave and Sven thought I must be able to play a real instrument since I was good at guitar hero. Was funny to see my degradation at guitar hero from one beer to two.

Sorry so disjointed. While in edmonton, P and I had nachos for breakfast. He let me treat him and he mowed down on the beans. No booze before 1000 am in Edmonton. We have a great time together. Lots of misunderstandings but lots of good times. We are a really good team. He hates that I talk so fast. He is 46 and I am 31 so we are working on our differences.

so Overall I can consider MG exercise life changing. I loved it soooo much. I finally found something that I am really good at. Maybe because I have some OCD/ADD issues. I'm not sure but I loved it and now I know how to steer my career in the direction of jobs I will love. One of the jobs is in Winnipeg so maybe I will get that job eventually.

I miss scrapbooking of course and my girls and especially P and L. I can't wait to see them.

Gill is picking me up at the airport. Was going to surprise Paul but thought best not to.

Can't wait to get home.

talk to you later.

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