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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

wow, I can't believe I forgot to blog about...

I must have been super tired last night because I missed blogging on some important stuff.

I got to help Barb last thursday and work on my stamp-a-stack, then I slept over there on thursday night and came home early to get L ready for daycare. Then Friday I ran errands with Barb since she has a broken elbow. We had a blast. Friday P won the 50/50 from his hockey team. Won $65.

Our first stop on the weekend was to Colleen and Jonathon's house to meet Baby Gordie. He was so tiny and so cute. Really put things in to perspective on how big L was at birth. He was adorable and they have a wonderful family now. I am soooo happy for them. It was a long road for them to get to this place. We had a wonderful visit. Since I am still a little sick, I decided to wear the dust mask because I would feel pretty bad if I made the baby sick. Mom and baby are doing well. Was ironic that Jonathon was a 10+ pound baby and so was L, but P was tiny and so is Gordie. No we didn't do a partner swap!!!

Anyways, we are off to Courtenay today for the Remembrance Day Services.

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