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Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May 0057

Hello everyone:

Sorry it has been so long since my last post but things have been very busy. Life is great. My kids are wonderful and my husband is amazing. Loving life every day and thanking God for the blessings that he continues to shower on me every second of every day.

I am now an extreme couponer canadian style. Most people who have known me for any amount of time know that I am "thrifty" or "frugal" which other people sometimes misinterpret as "cheap". LOL.

I am going to pass on everything I learn and know and links to sales and online coupons to help other people save their hard earned cash too.

Things I know

Join every possible rewards program that you can. Almost every store out there has an email club, or a discount card or a points program and almost all of them are free to join. When you join their email club they will send you coupons and tell you when there is a sale. An example of a really awesome one here is the Liquidation World Vip club. I love love love it. I just bought 3 canucks jerseys there for $20 each. They retail for a minimum of $80. They are reebok brand and will last forever!!! Another one that is good to join is the pampers grow to give I believe it is called. When you buy disposables and wipes there is little 15 digit codes in the boxes that you input to the website under your profile and you earn points redeemable for free gifts and activities. Also various webpages post codes every now and again that you can take advantage of. The codes also come on the wipes. I just bought 5 cases of pampers wipes at superstore for $12..97 each. I also bought one case of the Huggies wipes where I had a $1 coupon off so it was $11.97 and I am stocked up for the next year I would guess on my wipes!!!

2. Refuse to pay full price. I seldom ever pay full price. This is illustrated in my shopping at winners and places like liquidation world and online sales and ebay. I also buy a lot of stuff second hand from thrift stores and craiglist. you can get amazing deals. Today I bought a thomas the tank engine ride on train for my boys and a kenmore upright freezer at a garage sale around the corner from my house. The freezer is an energy saver and he wanted $300 firm. It was $800 brand new 2 years ago and he had cleaned it and it looked wonderful. I wanted a big enough freezer so that I will be able to better organize our food and take better advantage of sales. Also now I can buy a quarter cow if I need to and Paul can go hunting this year and we will have room for it!!!! The Thomas set he said he paid close to $300 for it 2 years ago. He wanted $150 for it. I am not rolling around in money and I like to save money so I offered him $400 for both and he agreed. I then asked him if I could give him $200 cash and $200 in gift cards for the stores of his choosing. I did this because I get points on my credit cards. When you pay cash you get nothing. He agreed and asked for $100 for Superstore and $100 for safe way. Super sweet deal. Then I saw a brand new tripod in the box on the table and asked if he would throw that in too. He said sure. Ours has been missing since our house flooded. So the plan is to keep Thomas in mint condition and re-sell it in a couple of years and hopefully get $100 for it then. Sweet deal. Logan loved it!!!!! safe way is a great place to shop because 1. you get air miles, 2. they have free wifi and a star bucks if you are into star bucks. Speaking of star bucks they have 1/2 price frappacinos on I believe. 3. keep your eyes out for Customer appreciation days. Join the safe way email direct club here http://cc.safeway.com/EmailDirect/signup.asp When I joined they gave me 100 bonus airmiles just for signing up. Sweet deals to be had. Airmiles are awesome. Not only the flight savings but the rewards that you can get. I redeemed 700 airmiles in january for a cuisinart air popper popcorn maker for Logan and I love it. That was before I "seriously" started hard core collecting airmiles. I would get them wherever but now I get them everywhere. I buy tonnes of stuff online because it is so convenient and I love receiving "packages" and getting mail. Saves money on gas too!!!

www.flyerland.ca is an awesome reource. Click on this link to join and it is a referral from me and they do daily draws for $100 and we can both win. comment on my blog with your email address and I will refer you and get you sent the link to join their program. You can find flyers for almost every store on this page. You can input a search item and it will show you where you can find it the cheapest. You can then select that object and have the website email you when there is a price drop or when it reaches a specific price. There is also coupons to print out and use on this website as well as deals and contests to enter. I LOVE THIS WEBPAGE!!!

If you don't want to join airmiles then you can join ebates and there is alot of places where you will earn 2% back on purchases made on their site.


http://rehelv-acrd.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/preface-eng.aspx i always check the rate here when booking a hotel to see what they should be offering me as a government employee. Sometimes this is better than the hotwire.ca or expedia.ca deal.
Artscow.com I print 99% of my pics here. They are awesome. Takes 2 weeks sometimes but they come right to your door from Hong Kong. Click on the link to sign up showing you were referred by me!!! Referral Link : http://www.artscow.com/?Ref=455040 When you sign up with this link: you will receive 1200 free prints credits & 3 8"x8" photo books & other great photo gifts credits *. Also "like" them on facebook to receive deals from them all of the time. I just took advantage of a deal in January that gets me 100 4x6 and 50 5x7 free every month for a year. I only pay for shipping. Recently they had a 25% off deal on with free shipping and I ordered some Christmas presents!!!! Its never too early.

Costco.ca when you sign up to do photos online with your membership you get 100 free 4x6 I believe.

That's all for now. I have some sleep to get and feed Finn.

Love Rae-Lynn

When you are buying something online and you are checking out it will say sometimes have a spot to put in a coupon code or discount code. If you don't have a code, open a new browser window and go to google and type in "name of the website you are on (the actual name) example GAP coupon code and within a minute or 2 you will be able to find a code for free shipping or some other special.

If you write a company an email to say you like their product and request coupons they will send you some. It never hurts to ask. Go to google and type in the name of the company and put Canada after the name. Then on their page look for "contact us" section and then send them a message. Lots of companies you can "like" on facebook and they have great deals. I recently "liked" Triscuit on facebook and they are sending me a free box. on tuesday the 17th of may clearlycontacts.ca is giving away 18000 pairs of free glasses. Find them on facebook and "like" them and then scroll down their site to the link about the glasses give away and get your discount code and then tomorrow put the code in and wait for your free beautiful glasses. I will be getting a pair for Paul!! Lens and frames are free!!!

Best deal ever:

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