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Monday, May 16, 2011

I added the email sent from one of my best friends. She is also a thrifty Mom who is Canadian but lives in the States. She has some good points so I included her wonderful post. Just posted some links for the States. I am planning on going to the USA while I am in Manitoba some time between the 28th of May and 14th of June and I want to try and do an "extreme couponning" trip and zero my total and donate it to victims of the floods in Brandon. I am also going to try and come up with some ideas to raise some money or donate some items to the people from Great Slave Lake. My best friend Barb's son and wife and 2 kids have just been evacuated and lost their home. Please pray for everyone dealing with disasters right now.

Share some love. First 3 people who want a gently used bath towel comment on my post and it is yours. www.mrsjanuary.com really breaks it down in her decluttering posts. She only has 2 pairs of sheets for her bed. It really puts stuff in perspective. Less is more!!! Less stress. Repeat after me. I won't be a hoarder like my Mom, my step-mother and my in-laws. That is a joke. They aren't hoarders but we have alot of "stuff". When I was growing up I used to love our weekly treasure hunts to the garbage dump where we would pick cans. We found soooo much stuff that was perfectly good just tossed aside. Please consider donating your used items to Diabetes clothesline program. They will pick up right from your house. or to a local woman's shelter. Or do a consignment thing at a store. We have podlings in Courtenay which is a baby/maternity toddler kids consignment and new store. There is also a store 2 down from Scrapbook Central which has women's consignment clothes. I just gave my "sister" Tracy a huge box of clothes and probably 15 towels, 2 curtains, and a raggedy anne sheet set for her girls. She has a family of 6. 2 teenage boys, 2 girls who are 2 and 3. They have a beautiful family and came to watch the Canucks game at our place last night. We also go to church with them. She has the voice of an angel and is metis. I put on some of my Uncle Frank's fiddling music (sadly he passed away March 22) and she showed me her jigging. She is a wonderful friend. I gave her a handful of coupons for diapers and kids medicine etc and some cleaning supplies and my tutoring and she was sooooooo appreciative. My priest lives across the road from us and he now gives me his papers so I will get double the coupons and spread the love around.

I also want to do some fund-raising for the "Love from Jenn" foundation. Her name was Jenn Zahavich and she passed away at the age of 31 or 32 from cancer. She was in my pre-natal class when I was pregnant with Logan. She is now an angel in heaven watching over her 3 year old son Coady and her husband Dave. Here is a link to her blog story. http://www.babywillyoulovemewhenimbald.blogspot.com/ She strove to send out a message of Love to everyone and really made a huge impact on our little valley. Goosebumps as I type. Love you Jenn. I hate Cancer.

Love Rae-Lynn.

Contest time: Come up with a good tag line for me and my deals. that I can add to my signature block. Winner will get a phone call/skype tutorial from me on whatever they want. Use the comment code below.

Here is a link to the mother of all deals. From tuesday to thursday at shoppers you spend $50 you get a 10 gift card. Go to this link: http://www.neilmed.com/can/offer_nmall3_p598.php You can purchase up to 3 of each product, (3 different SKU bar codes). Last Friday I bought 9 boxes. 3 of each. The total came to $125. Then taxes it became $140. With these deal the company is going to send me $125 to re-imburse me for my purchase. That means I am out $15. Nope it doesn't.You know why? On friday they had a deal that if you spend $75 you get 18500 optimum points. This is the equivalent of a $30 giftcard so I am going to be up $15 minus the cost of a stamp and photocopying my receipt and the envelope and my time. Super sweet deal. And I get the 1 point for every dollar spent on my credit card from my aerogold. The best part of this deal is the actual products. I tried the high velocity mist and loved it. It works like a netti pot. It felt so good to drain my sinuses and get all that crap out of my nose!!!! Then inside the box of my product there is a survey card to fill out and they are going to send me some more free products.

I emailed Alpen by wheatabix the other day to tell them that it is my favorite cereal. Here is what I said and here is what they said. SOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!!

Here is the other awesome deal I want to mention. I posted on facebook a couple of weeks ago that I was going to get rid of my phone line and go with "Magic Jack". It costs $60 and that covers all of your phone calls for the first year and the hardware. This connects to your computer and you plug any phone into it. Cordless or corded. The problem is that it runs off of XP and isn't compatible with Windows 7. Needless to say there is no returns for full refund. I may be able to get $20 back. I am going to try and sell it on craigslist. My friend Kurtis swears by it. They also sell them at the Source. I'll see what they say. So when I did that my brother Rob was like why did you do that Gmail is free. Gmail or google mail is like hotmail. You can sign up and get a free email account. But the benefit of gmail is that you can make free phone calls with the built in soft phone on the program. Free to USA and CANADA. I made 4 calls this morning and it was awesome. Skype is going to start charging but gmail phone is free. So I will be able to just get the basic phone from shaw and use that for receiving calls and local calling. Then with gmail phone, you call over your computer line to people's actual landline house phones. sooooooooooooooooooo awesome.

Comment and let me know what you are thank ful.

Love again me.

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