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Friday, May 27, 2011

comox valley & green cone

It's not too late to get a green cone from the Comox Strathcona Water Management Service. We have until June 10th to pre-order and pre-pay for the green cone.

The Green Cone food waste digester looks kind of like a home composter but is much more. It takes all types of food waste - meat, dairy, bones, vegetables and even animal feces - it basically allows you to take everything from the kitchen table and dump it directly in. You don't need to turn it, or empty it more than once every few years. Using solar heat in combination with macrobacterial activity. it breaks the waste down aerobically into nutrient rich water that is absorbed into the soil, and a very small amount of residue. As an enclosed system, it doesn't attract vermin or any other animals. It's easy to install, the hardest thing is digging a shallow (2') hole. All it needs are decent drainage and sunlight. A Green Cone can accommodate all of the food waste of an average family of four or five. It's a solution that can deal with the waste where it's generated, and that's just the best possible option.

See more on the green cone at: https://www.greencone.ca/Intro/whatsagreencone.php

To get yours call 250-334-6000 or 1-800-331-6007. You can pay by credit card or in person with cash or cheque at 600 Comox Road, Courtenay. If every household in BC had a green cone composter then we would divert 750,000 tonnes of waste from the landfills.

Do it for Mother Earth. I did.

Let me know if you got one. They are charging $200 in Victoria. Ours is only $120 taxes in.

Save money, save the planet, reduce waste. Reduce, re-use, recycle, re-purpose.

Love Rae-Lynn

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