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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 Jan 2012

Happy Happy first birthday to my baby Finn!!!! Already 1 year old. Thank goodness I don't have to go back to work till March 5th. So not ready yet. I will be though. Still have to find childcare. We have doctors for the kids and Finn will be getting his one year shots this week. Not going to do it today on his birthday. Also not sure if they will do it when he has a cold so may have to wait on that. Paul turned 34 on Jan 26th!!!

So on the 23rd Kelly came over and we did round 2 of cooking with Kelly. Was awesome. We did pulled pork in the slow cooker. Sooooo good. We also roasted a chicken, did 2 batches of mexican lassagna, 2 batches of oven baked chicken, taco meat, and we marinaded 2 batches of pork loins with the stampede bbq. Was a great time.

Tuesday afternoon we went down to the new freshco at Findlay creek. Was a great little trip. Strawberries were on for $1/pound. We picked up 2 for us and 2 for Steph. Then they also had the maple leaf prime 3 pack of chicken breasts. Their price was $10 but I price matched them for $5 from the food basics flyer. I picked up 6 for us and 4 for Steph. She also wanted a ricotta and some toilet paper so I picked that up. If I payed $10 for each chicken breast my bill would have been $60. My bill ended up at $59 and I bought the 6 chicken breast, 2 more whiskas price matched for $4.99 and used my 2 $2 off coupons (from Aunt Marjorie), 3 packs of dempsters soft tortillas, 2 packs of olives, a couple jars of tomotatoes. Can't remember what else but it was awesome. Then Tuesday night I cleaned for 2.5-3 hours.

Wednesday night I hosted my epicure party for Kelly. Was also great. Most people were busy, away, cancelled or double booked. However, Julia, Kevin, Karina and Erin came. Erin is a friend of Karina and she is awesome. Due any day now with their first baby. Was a great time. She is also a scrapbooker/cardmaker and lives like 4 blocks or less from me so that is awesome. And she is having a baby girl so that will be nice!!!! Party went well. The food was soooooooooooooooo yummy.

Thursday was Logan's last day of school for the week as friday was a pro d day. We packed up in the afternoon and dropped off Stephanie's stuff from freshco. She would have come to the party but was deathly ill with a virus. We missed having her. We dropped off her stuff and then headed to kingston. We picked up pizza on the way and headed to Lesley and Enno's. Daddy met us there and we had a nice supper and a visit and then he headed back to the shacks. Logan even had a bath with their almost 4 year old Emily!! A huge bubble bath! Happy 34th birthday to Paul!

Friday morning Lesley noticed that the dome light was on in my car so she asked for my keys to shut it off. Needless to say we remembered that Paul didn't give me my keys back from when he brought in my suitcase. I managed to track down the duty centre and they got a message to Paul to call me. He came over and gave me my keys and even scraped my windshields for me as we were having freezing rain.

Then after I showered we were on our way to Brighton for a visit with Jen, Nate and Owen. We did a quick pit stop at Burger King in Belleville for the free fries!!! Delicious. We made it to Jen's by 1100. The 401 was great but the sideroads were a little dirty. We had a wonderful visit. Mr. Finn and Mr. O are the same size which is hillarious. Can't wait to get the pics from Jen. She took a couple. We had a lovely lunch and a great visit. The kids played well!!!! Logan was sad when we were leaving but Jen's inlaws were down for the weekend as well.

We made it to Mom and Dad's by 1530. Shannonville road and moneymore were awful but we went nice and slow. Paul got there friday night and we had a great supper and visit. I was exhausted so I went to bed early. Saturday Mom H insisted that we take Finn to the walk in clinic in Belleville but they confirmed what Paul and I thought that it was just a cold and to wait it out. We had a couple of things to pick up and then we headed home. Saturday night we celebrated Paul and Finn's birthdays with the family. Amy and Steve came up. Steve bought Logan and Finn a ski-doo ride on like a gt snow racer. It is awesome. Logan and I went skidooing with Uncle Steve and even Grandpa did too. Then Logan got pulled around on his new skidoo. Was a blast. Good thing we got so much snow on saturday. Mom bought a delicious cake for Finn. Will post some pics.

Sunday Paul took a quick trip up to see Nana and Papa by himself. Then when he got back, we took Finn over to see Great Grandpa. He didn't want to chance falling down and come over to the birthday party. Logan was in the jeep with Grandpa on Sunday using the plow clearing off the driveways.

We left Mom and Dad's at around 1615 on Sunday night and we stopped at Swiss Chalet for a family supper before the kids and I headed back to Ottawa and Paul went back to the base. Was a crappy ride home since Finn screamed/cried 80% of the way. They both fell asleep 15 minutes from home. Finn had a poopy diaper when we got home so not sure if that was what was wrong or not.

He is standing for longer and longer periods of time and is almost running while pushing his walker. Any day now. He was climbing on the little wooden rocking chair and Mom and Dad's and standing on it with no hands. My little daredevil.

We took a quick trip out yesterday to IKEA. I picked up 4 rails to be mounted on a wooden board to store my punches. They were $3.99 each. Great deal. I am looking for a dresser for Logan and there was one for $39 but it was small and crappy. Not sure I want to spend $149 so will keep looking. Maybe I can find a used one! Then we stopped at Metro to pick up the olymel chicken strips that were on for $4.99 since I had 3 $2.50 off coupons. Was a great deal. One of the boxes even came with $5.50 in coupons inside it. Then home for supper. We had the taco meat that I cooked with Kelly and it was awesome. Logan and Finn ate a whole can of olives between them. ( a big can). Then bedtime. Finally had Finn in his bed by 2040. He slept till 0400 when I had to feed him and bring him to my bed.

Found some good tearpad coupons at metro: 75 cemts off any 4l bag or 2l carton of natrel lactose free milk, save $1 off new harvest splendour medleys by mccain (hasbrowns with broccoli or other vegetables), $1 off of astro original greek yogurt products, and buy 2 get one free whiskas wet food or pouches.

Have to run out and get another birthday cake and candles for Finn for tonight. Logan is insisting!! Tomorrow we will pop over to Stephanie's after Logan's school for an arts cow tutorial and a visit. Then on Thurday we have a play date with Auntie Julia at her house. Will be fun. Wednesday night wasn't long enough for us to catch up!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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