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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas holidays

So we arrived in Ottawa on the 11th of December. On the 12th Paul went in to NDHQ to check in. We also signed the paperwork for our house. I went in on the 14th or so to check in with my maternity leave clerk. Looks like I go back to work on the 5th of March. Hopefully I will be organized by then. We were at the hotel right thru till the 19th. We stayed at the Hampton Inn and it was awesome. Logan swam a bit. My Dad (Papa) was here with us until the 15th when he flew home and Nana got here that night. On the 16th our furniture arrived so Paul and I were at the house all day and Nana (Mom H) kept the kids at the hotel for us. On the weekend, Grandpa (Dad H) came up and helped us set some stuff up and Mom kept the kids at the hotel. On Sunday the mover Jessie came over and helped us set up some more stuff. This was when we discovered that our 50" plasma LG TV was wrecked. Us and Jessie (the truck driver) figure it was the guys that unloaded because the way it was damaged they would have heard a crack but no one said a thing. I have to put in a claim for that. Then on the 19th, the unpackers came. We had done alot of unpacking so we just had them do the breakables. Seemed liked they couldn't wait to get out of here. Oh well. Then on Tuesday Nana headed home and took the kids with her. This was a huge help. This gave us tuesday-Friday to get some more work done on the house without the kids. Paul installed the cat door to the basement for the litter and food for Bear, and he installed a gate at the top of the stairs!!! Finn was a natural stair climber. The first time I put him on our new stairs he knew what to do. He has been crawling since the end of October but in December he started pulling himself up on things and cruising along. He likes to walk behind one of his walkers he got for Christmas. On Friday the 23rd we headed to Nana and Grandpas for the holidays. Amy and Steve came up Christmas Eve and we opened all of the presents. The kids as well as us were very spoiled. We must have been really good this year!!! There was soooo many toys for the kids that I wished I would have left all of their toys from BC in BC. As it is, we left lots of the toys at Nana and Grandpas. They just have way too much. I am so glad I have two boys that can share and play with the same toys and I don't need an extra set of girl toys!! We had a wonderful Christmas and a great turkey dinner Friday night with Great Grandpa Hacker. On Christmas Day Paul picked up Great Nana and Great Papa and we had another great visit with them. Boxing day Paul and I headed to Belleville to catch some sales. We replaced our 50" plasma with a new 50" LG plasma from Best Buy on for $599. They are lucky we found such a great deal.

A back story, when they unloaded us they unloaded our 36" RCA tv that we had in our bedroom in courtenay. It ways a tonne. Paul said that if we were ever going to replace it then we shouldn't bother taking it into the house. The movers put it into the back of his truck. We should have gotten rid of this thing in Comox. Oh well. While it was in the back of the truck for a week it managed to roll over and bust the side window of the cap on the truck. That sucked and we need to replace it. Then on the 22nd we headed to the EI place on Carling to sort out days that I was working full time during the move since they never answer the phone and that really pisses me off. Paul drops me off in the freezing rain and I go inside to find that they are closed due to a water main break. So he comes back and we head to the bestbuy in the mall on carling. Good thing I phoned them from the truck to see if they would take back the tv for recycling because they said we had to go to a regular best buy. We were headed to Gatineau for a beer run so we decided to drop it off at best buy there near costco. We get to best buy and I called from the truck and they said to bring the TV in to customer service. Paul managed to get the tank on the cart and we wheel it in the store to be told that they don't take tv's there. We said that we just called etc but they still said no. He did call a best buy in ottawa though and found one that would take it back. They helped Paul lift it back into the truck and then we headed to costco where 60 coors light are only $57. Crazy cheap. It feels like you are in the states. Stella and Keiths are pretty cheap too as well as 55 Canadian for $56 or so too. Then we came back to Ottawa and took the tv to the best buy that was coincidentally 2 minutes from the hotel that we had been staying at for a week and could have dropped it off way sooner. Oh well.

So back to Boxing day, we replaced the "tank" tv with a 32" LED made by LG. We also picked up 2 rocket fish moveable wall mounts for the TVs and Paul has since installed them!!!

We also went to Canadian Tire on Boxing day and Paul picked up some tool he needed on sale for a good price and I picked up dual car DVD players for $100 for the kids so Finn can watch too. Can't remember if I got anything else but our price was over $75 so we recieved a $15 promotional giftcard.

We stayed at Mom and Dad's until the afternoon of the 27th and then we headed home. Zellers published an awesome 50% off any one item on facebook so I was able to go shopping on the 28th and I picked up winter boots for Logan (transformer ones with lights) that were regular $39.97 on for $23.98 and with the 50% off was only $11.99. Logan bought those with his coupon and I picked up an organizer shelf for $20 that is regularly $60 or so. Was awesome.

We kept plugging away on the house but it always seems like one step forward and 2 steps back. Was also hard thinking about Paul leaving on the 4th of January for Kingston.

New Years Eve we stayed home and Paul cooked us a delicious turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. He let me go out for a bit to Shoppers drugmart as I mentioned in my last post. Then on New Years Day we were invited for supper at Michael, Kelly & Owen's place!! Was awesome.
That is all for the holidays!!!
Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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