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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So Logan's voice was hoarse on Sunday when he got up and he had a bit of a cough. This got worse over night and so I decided to go to the walk in clininc yesterday. We started at the appletree on merivale. We got out of the car and to the door where they had a sign saying that they moved. It was cold yesterday too so we rushed back to the car and went to the new location. When we registered it said there was 11 people ahead of us. After 20 minutes I went to ask if we were allowed to go to the rexall which was attached while we were waiting and the guy said it would be at least another 2 hours. He suggested we go to 2948 baseline which only had a 15 minute wait. We drove the 10 minutes to that location and there was 6 people ahead of us when we registered. The wait time on the screen changed from 15 minutes to 40 minutes to an hour to 2 hours 45 minutes. We probably waited a good 1.5 hours before we got in. The Dr. said his tonsils were red and swollen and figured it was strep throat so she wrote us a prescription for amoxicillin. We called that in to shoppers drug mart and then went to walmart to return the rented movie from saturday night and pick up a few things.

I was able to get the cheese on for $4.44. mozza and cheddar, price matched broccoli at metro for 99cents a head. Walmart was charging $1.47 a head. Price matched mushrooms 227 g whole white mushrooms for 99 cents instead of $1.97 each. oranges were on for $2.77 for 4 lbs, this time the chicken was back in stock. 5 chicken breasts for $9. Grabbed 3 packs. Bought crest pro-health rinse trial size for $1 and used my $1 off coupon getting 3 for free. Then used the buy one crest pro-health rinse get one free glide floss. Got 3 of those for free (regular cost $3.67), grabbed another motrin 16 count liquid caps $3.47 minus $3 coupon. Total for 4 Lbs Oranges, 2 big heads of broccoli, 2 packs of mushrooms, 4 500g blocks of cheese (2 mozza, 2 cheddar), 3 packs chicken breasts (5 per), 1 motrin 16 pack, 3 crest pro-health rinse, and 3 glide floss came to $55 after all taxes. Including a .77 donation to CHEO. Total cost should have been: $81.23. Price matching and coupons saved me $26.24 This doesn't include what the chicken would have cost if I didn't get such a great deal. Following that we picked up Logan's prescription at shoppers. Apparently you don't get points on prescriptions which I thought I did in BC. I also found out that there is a walk in clinic at the walmart supercentre on baseline and clyde. Next time we will go there. The wait is reportedly only 20 minutes.

Then we made it home and I was feeding Finn and we both took a little nap. Then I fed Finn supper since Logan said he just wanted to rest. Logan was in bed sleeping by 1800. Finn had supper and a bath and then I put him in his crib at 2000 since he was bugging Logan on my bed and was done nursing. He was asleep within 5 minutes. He woke up at 0400 and joined us in my bed.

Logan is home from school again today and is taking his antibiotics. Buses were cancelled today as well. We are just staying in today as I do not want to take them anywhere if I don't have to.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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