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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week recap and shopping trip

Wednesday was an awesome day. I headed over to Kelly's with the kids for my cooking tutorial day. We made 5 dishes. We made lassagna, chilli, broccoli cheese and chicken casserole, oven baked chicken, and a meat penne casserole dish. I sampled them as we went and they were amazing. Lots of epicure spices and so they were delicious. We didn't get home till after 8 that night.

Then Thursday we went to a Mommy and me stars and strollers movie with Stephanie and Baby Kieran. We went to see "We bought a zoo" It was alright. The best part was that it was national popcorn day so you got free popcorn with every drink purchase. It only cost me $8.99 for my ticket and then 2 bottles of water got Logan and I and a free popcorn each. Total was $15.47 or so and I earned Scene points. He didn't even charge me for Logan to get in on purpose. was soooooo great.

Then after the movie I had to run to Sears to return some Christmas stuff that didn't fit. I was able to get 2 pairs of jeans and a nice sweater in exchange. Was a great sale there. Then I popped in to Wal-mart and price matched the no frills huggies wipes that they were selling for $2. I used my 4 .75 cents off coupons and got each one for $1.25. 4 packs of wipes for $5. I gave two packs to Stephanie since she took Logan home with her after the movie. I also picked up 2 packs of pork loin chops on for $7 each and an activia for $2.99 and used my $1 off coupon.

Then we had supper with Brendan, Stephanie, Connor and Kieran. Stephanie is a great cook and it was delicious. We had a good coupon chat and I gave her some coupons. Really good visit.

Then we headed home. Logan was sick again on Friday still. Hopefully he will be good to go back on Monday. Friday was super super cold here so we didn't go anywhere. Daddy came home friday night. I ran out quickly to get the mail and pick up my free banana bread from macs and almost froze to death. Paul car-pooled home this weekend. That was cool but it sucks not having the two vehicles.

Paul took Logan to get skates today. He found a pair for $20 at play it again sports and then somehow paid $12 for guards. Oh well. He also bought a thing for Logan to hold while he learns to skate. I kept Finn home since it was so cold. Paul was going to take him but he was tired and seems to have a cold so I kept him here.

After Paul got home he got the snowblower working and did the driveway. Then we went to church at 1700 in Manotick to try it out. We normally go to the base church at 1100 but it seems to end up taking all day given it is at 1100 so we went to check out the other one. I prefer the base church so we will be going there unless we absolutely can't.

Then after supper I got to head out and do my weekly shopping. First I headed to Wal-mart. They didn't have the 3 pack of maple leaf prime so I wasn't able to price match food basics and get them. I did get 3 green peppers for $2.76, salad for $2, 5 apples for $2.20, 1 cucumber for $1.47, I pricematched dempsters tortillas for $2.29 and got 2 packs, price matched fresh co I believe for celery for $.99 saving a $1, and price matched loblaws green onions at 50 cents each instead of 77 cents each. Total $15 and then I donated $1 to CHEO.

After walmart I headed to shoppers drugmart on merivale and they didn't have any multibionta vitamins so I left and went to metro.

At metro I picked up 2 maple leaf prime whole chickens for $6.68 each. I also picked up a VH teryaki and a VH soya sauce on for $1.98 each and used my $2 off when you buy 2 coupon making them $1 each, I picked up 2 packs of extra lean ground beef on for $2.99 a pound, and 2 boxes of alpen for $5.49 each,. I think that was it.

Then I went to the other shoppers on merivale and they also didn't have the multibionta so I went to the shoppers at heron and Bank st. They had 5 boxes of the multibionta 30 count and these were on for $11.99 and I had coupons for $10 off. Since it was a spend $75 get 18500 ($25) points promotion it was awesome to have 5 boxes at 11.99. That was $59 on its own so after that I only needed $16 to get my bonus. I picked up kashi cereal on for $3.99 and used my $2 off coupon, crest pro health toothpaste on for $2 and comes with a free mouthwash and $10 worth of coupons and used my 50 cents off, picked up 4 charmin toilet paper travel packs at $1.19 each and used 4 $1 off coupons, and then got 2 cadbury bars on for 2 for $5 which isn't a great deal but I received 500 bonus points when I bought 2. on a normal day a $50 transaction is 500 points. Total before taxes was $75 and change. After coupons the total was $19.20. After taxes total was $28.52. I "saved" on the bill $27.57. Coupon savings total was: $56.50. Regular points earned was 750, 500 bonus and then 18500. Total points earned 19750. I was soooooooooooooo happy.

Now I am home and it is time for bed. One more day with hubby and family together.

On Monday I am having another cooking day with Kelly which will be fun!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn.

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Anonymous said...

wentt o shppers too. Bought my super expensive face cream and sale gravol and got 18,500 pts plus regula points; then got my 'other' stuff I needed, used some coupons, used johnson's 2000 bunus point coipon and aveno 3000 bonus point cupon and got another 18500 bonus points. total points earned today: 43,800!!!