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Saturday, January 7, 2012

7 Jan

So Paul left on the 4th of January and it was a very very sad day for all of us. We were even sad leading up to it. Logan cried the night before and that was very hard to see. Paul left the morning of the 4th for Kingston. We didn't get much done that day as we were all down in the dumps. I managed to start a great routine for the boys and try and get them back on track to appropriate bedtimes. During the move and holidays they were up till all hours of the night. I had them in bed sleeping by 2030 that night I believe. Finn slept right through till 0730 or so and that was amazing. On the 5th we did a little better although we had to run to the store at 1700 since I was missing some ingredients for supper. That was fine, we ate and I had the kids in bed again by 2000. Finn slept till 0900 this time and that was super excellent. I had time to run out and shovel the driveway. We had a huge dumping of the snow the day/night before. It was great that it was so light and fluffy. Made it easier on me. Shortly after I came in, Finn woke up so I fed him. Then after he was fed we got up to come downstairs and he unloaded some vomit on my carpet by my bed. I was able to catch some of it in a glass. Then during lunch he puked another 2 times so this resulted in an emergency laundry load and emergency bath for Finn. Then I made shake'n'bake boneless skinless chicken thighs and rice and steamed veggies for supper which were finished at the perfect time for Daddy's arrival. Paul was home some time after 1800 last night. I told Logan that Daddy was home and he said "I am soooooooooooooo happy". We had a great supper and then I bathed Logan and fed Finn and I had Finn asleep but he woke when I was putting him in his crib. So I brought him downstairs. It was 2000 and Logan went to bed. Finn took a big poop and Paul changed him and then Paul was letting me head out to do some shopping/couponing. I left at around 2030 and while I was gone Finn puked all over Daddy and himself again and then eventually fell asleep after Daddy cleaned him up. I picked up some pedialyte while we were at wal-mart but haven't had to use it yet. Seems fine today and no puking and slept till 0730 or 0800 today. We didn't get to bed till 0200 and just as we were falling asleep Logan came in to the room with a nosebleed. We cleaned him up and then back to bed we all went.

So for my shopping trip last night I stopped at Metro to look for some tearpad coupons. I found a few. I found $1 off Naturegg simply egg whites and liquid egg whites in a little pamphlet as well as 75Cents off any smuckers product. and Save $1 when you buy any 4 campbells soups. I also bought an air wick scented ribbon candle since there is a 100% mail in rebate for this product that can be found here: on Mrsjanuary.com's site http://forum.mrsjanuary.com/canadian-deals/324-canadian-mail-rebates-official-thread.html I was also able to stock up on minieggs for easter that were on clearance for 25 cents a package!!!

Then I went to Shoppers drugmart and found a tearpad for $3 off any adult benylin all in one cold and flu product, as well as $3 off tylenol arthritis and $3 off Tylenol cold and sinus as well as $3 off a 16 pack of motrin liquid gels. These are regularly priced at $3.47 at Walmart which makes it a super awesome deal!!!

So then I popped over to Walmart and did 2 separate transactions for 2 mail in rebate offers that have to have separate bills. One was a rebate I received from shoppers voice that said purchase a cold fx bottle and a lysol no touch hand soap dispenser on the same bill and recieve up to $15.98 back to cover the cost of the lysol no touch system. The cold fx was on for $17.77 and I had a coupon for $2 off as well as a $5 off for the lysol no touch system. It was $14.98 but the company will most likely reimburse me the $14.98. We shall see!!! Some other deals I picked up was advil cold and sinus is $3.96 and I had a coupon for $4 off making it free. I bought a pan sear fish pack and had $1 off and a vacuum pack of cod fillets and had $.75 off, I picked up a 16 gel pack of motrin for $3.47 - $3 coupon. I bought advil night time 40 pack for $12.96 and had a printable $4 off coupon from advil.ca, a pair of mitts for Logan for $8 (not that great of deal) and 5 Delisio thin crust pizzas on for $3.96 each.

A separate transaction was for the tostitos deal which can be found here: http://www.mrsjanuary.com/canada-freebies/pepsi-tostitos-canada-rebate-coupons/
You spend $20 on any tostitos large bags, sizes are listed and lays and pepsi products and then they sent you a $20 coupon booklet (supposedly will be copons to get $20 worth of stuff for free). Wal-mart had tostitos and lays on for 2 for $5 so I got 7 bags and then a thing of salsa. All has to be on the same receipt and has to be $20 minimum before taxes. It is a super awesome super bowl deal. I also got childrens tylenol on for $6.96 minus my $3 off coupon printable from livingwell.ca, and I picked up a thinsations box on for $2 and used my 75 cents off coupon.

Finn slept till 0730 or so today. Logan woke us up at 0200 with a nosebleed. Then we headed out today to get our license plates and stickers at service ontario. We had our car and truck warming up in the driveway and we were loading up when a moving truck showed up and asked if we were leaving. We said yes. I guess this asshole got tired of waiting for us to leave OUR DRIVEWAY so he blocked us in and started unloading the stuff in his truck. I went over to the truck and said that we needed to get out and asked him to move and he said that we had to wait that "we had wasted his time, so he was wasting our time" I was sooooo livid. Did he pay $450,000 for my driveway. Took me a few hours to calm down from that. He finally moved. I wished I would have made a note of the company because that was ridiculous.

We got to service ontario and then I realized that I forgot my emissions testing and my safety at home so I had to drive back 10-15 minutes each way. We were able to get everything done just before they closed at 1300.

Then Paul and Logan headed to home depot and Finn and I did a recce at Shoppers drugmart. They had a spend $75 get 2 passes for the cineplex odeon event. I ended up getting the following: Cavendish fries and wedges on for 2 for $5 (bought 4 bags), 3 catelli healthy start whole wheat pasta boxes on for 3 for $5 (used 2 coupons for $1 off but now that I think about it I believe it was supposed to be $1 off when you buy 2 so she accidentally took both coupons for $1 off so I got a better deal than I should have. I paid $3 for 3 boxes when it should have been $4 for the 3 boxes. I picked up a kashi toasted berry cereal on for $3.99 and used my coupon that said buy one kashi cereal and get a free pack of kashi cereal bars which were $4.79 value, 1 pack of nutri grain bars on for $1.99 and used my $1 off coupon, 3 milupa baby cereals on for 3/$9.99, 4 dempsters whole grain bread on for 2 for $5, Appleasauce big jar for $2.27, and I bought a Nintendo DS game for $19.99. Subtotal after coupons was $74.24 and then with taxes ended up being $78.66. Oh I also bought a life back of hazelnut balls on for $3. Everything I bought was on sale except for the DS game so my savings were $26.26 on the receips from regular price as well as $7.79 in coupon savings plus my $25 worth of movie tickets valid till 28 Feb 2014.

Then on our way home I remembered that I needed to pick up some aluminum cooking packs for my cooking day with Kelly and newspapers since the P&G Brandsaver coupons are out. I stopped at independent grocer and found 50cents off Goldfish grahams, and grabbed 2 packs at $2 each after coupons, they had 8 packs of juice boxes on for $1 each so I grabbed 6 packs, I can't believe its not butter on for $1 each so I bought 2, and the NN Lassagna baking pans on for $2 each for a 3 pack. I bought 6.

All in all, great deals!!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn! PS: No puking today!!!

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