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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Independent Shopping trip 15 Jan

So I had to run to the independent with Finn today for a few things. Paul was taking Logan for a skate at the outdoor rink so I took the opportunity to go with Finn. I needed a couple of things that are on sale for my big cooking day with Kelly on Wednesday. I picked up 2 alcan aluminum foils on for $1 each, 4 cans nn kidney beans 85 cents each, 2 packs of oven ready nn lassagna at $2.49 each, 250 ml nn sourcream $1.49, 2 500ml tubs of nordica cottage cheese on for 2 for $5 minus 2 x .75 coupons, 2 jars ragu pasta sauce $1 each, 3lb bag of carrots (Paul needed for supper tonight) $1.99, bag of dole classic salad mix $1, 3 red peppers on for $2 a pound (green was $2.49) was $3.48 which works out better than the walmart price of $1.47 each, oral b manual toothbrushes on for $1 each (bought 3) had 3 $1 off coupons making them free, Rosemary chicken $10.99 (had to buy it since it was actually there and I have been wanting to try it), bonus pc points for bringing my own bags,Total was $37 and I redeemed 20,000 pc points so it only cost me $17.

Tomorrow after Logan goes to school Finn and I will run down to wal-mart. I have to return Crazy stupid love. I will be paying $1 late fee but I would have burned that in gas easily and then some and wasted 30 minutes or more door to door returning it today. Total for the movie will be $3.27 which is still super cheap. Tomorrow at wal-mart I will attempt to pick up the 5 pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts on for $9 (I need 2) but they were sold out saturday so doubt they will have any, the knorr chicken soup base 1 kg on for $8.88, will price match some more broccoli, will get the travel size pro-health rinse mouthwash which is $1 and use my $1 off coupon making it free, and then use the p&g coupon for the free glide floss when you buy the pro health rinse. Hopefully that will work out, 500g of mozza cheese on for $4.44, and another 500 g of cheddar (for my cook out with Kelly on Wednesday), At this point I can't remember what else I have on my list. Not too much and then I am good to go for Wednesday.

There is only one no frills here in ottawa which is in orleans so they don't send me a flyer so i can't price match the awesome deals they have this week. Maybe I can pop in there wednesday on the way to kelly's if I need to.

We had a wonderful weekend here with Paul and can't wait till he is home next weekend!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul, Logan and Finn

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