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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Post mid-week update

The week has been going pretty good so far. Logan is a rolling machine now. It is so much fun to watch. Sometimes he only rolls when you aren't watching though. I have set up the video camera and caught him in action. Monday I recuperated from being away on the weekend. Tuesday Gill came over in the afternoon to scrap. Logan took a 2 hour nap during which was awesome. Wednesday I went for a 20 minute run, and then a walk with Logan and Tikka. I also did some errands Wednesday night after Logan went to bed. I was able to get some pictures printed from Walmart for the all day scrap on saturday at the MFRC.

Today I went for a run with the Yummy Mummies group. Logan was pretty fussy for the most part until he fell asleep. We did 2 laps at the Courtenay Air park which worked out to 4 km in total. We also did some step ups, push ups, and crunches. I hope I'm not extra extra sore tomorrow. Then I returned some BPA avent bottles to London Drugs. I returned 10 bottles. I was refunded $7.99 each for the 9 oz bottles and $6.99 each for the 4 oz bottles. In total $85 of in store credit. I probably have to take my Avent Express II microwave sterilizer to Toyr R Us for a refund.

Tonight I went to scrapbooking at the MFRC. Was good. Laurel and Bobbi were there out of my "group". We had fun. I was working on a cute little project that can't be posted till after Mother's day. Then I popped over to Angela's to deliver her order from my stampin up workshop last week. Ended up visiting till 10 PM. I'm really gonna miss her when she leaves. She a really good friend and v-ball player, and fellow scrapper!

Tomorrow I am probably going swimming with Jen in the morning with the babies and then Gill and I will go get food for the all day scrap in the afternoon.

Paul is going to install the new baby gate this weekend since the little one is probably going to be mobile very soon.

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