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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I had another awesome day yesterday despite being very tired from little sleep. I headed to the other side at 1020 yesterday so I could make it to MIR before 1100 to check on my cold since I have been coughing up phlegm and unable to sleep. They gave me 4 T3's for sleeping and some ibuprofen for my knee and some sudafed for the day. She also did a throat swab so we will see what happens. She doesn't think I have strep throat.

So I was there way too early but that let me be able to go for lunch with Andre. He is the guy that is helping me learn the job. Normally he fills in for me when I go eat but since the other guy was on watch he could go to the mess with me. Was nice to chat about stuff and what is going on. He is a Griffon Pilot and he is retiring in June. He has been working 16 hour days helping us although yesterday he didn't go till 0930 and he left at 2000 so he is pulling back because he knows I can handle it.

The day went really well. I was a rockstar. I love this job alot. It taps into all of my special skills. 12 hours goes by really fast when you love what is going on. The problem is that I keep thinking about it after I am off shift. I even had a dream about it and I was Mircing in my sleep.

I took 2 T3's last night and I only managed to sleep from 0200-0745 again. but I got up and had a hot breakie, and then took a shower. Now I am doing my blog and email and then I will try and squeeze in a little nap before work.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday ending with a fabulous sunset. My WO took pics so I will post them when I get them from him when I get home.

So there was a couple of highlights yesterday. One was that I did an "attention in the JOC" That was awesome. So I did one to clarify things for everyone in the room since there was alot of confusion. Was awesome. I got bonus points for that from G3.

Then later the General came in to the JOC. Here is the funny part. The general went back to where my Warrant Officer works. He was wearing his desert cadpat with his patrol pack and his helmet and the flashlight on the helmet. P turns around and doesn't recognize the general. He thought it was the captain that works behind me. So he goes "Nice helmet". The general goes excuse me? He goes "Nice helmet Sir". Then he sees the nametag and realizes who it is. The General goes, What's your name and who do you work for. He says his name etc. And the General goes 'Don't you ever dismiss me like that ever again". Then P goes, I am very sorry Sir, I didn't recognize you, and shook his hand. So then the general is standing by G3 to the left of me and P comes out to talk to me about something. I go, there's 99er (the general) and P goes, I know and told me that story and I couldn't stop laughing. I was almost crying. It was so ridiculous. The general is a very very scary guy. I almost pissed myself. Then we had a rocket attack so I had to run to the other room and put on my flack jacket and helmet and come back to my station. The problem is that everytime I saw P after that I couldn't stop laughing hysterically. The general has no problem ripping someone a new one. So I think because I was so tired I couldn't stop laughing. I was going a little crazy. Everything was funny. But I am laughing as I type it. Kris, you probably are too. It was that funny.

So we are guessing there will be a power point presentation happening soon with pics to ensure that everyone can recognize the general.

Anyways, having a blast but missing my son terribly. Can't wait for Gill to visit him on halloween to take pics since P told me last night that he is way too busy to take pics for me. He says he will do it when I deploy but I am not convinced. If he can't do it while i am away for 2 weeks then I don't know. It really pisses me off since I get no email or pics from him. All he has to do is post it on facebook for me. Or at least take 1 pic a day and leave it on the camera so I can download them when I get home. But hockey and skiing are more important. I will have to have a major discussion about this with him when I get home. I will not come back after a 6 month tour and have no pics or videos of my son for my scrapbook. I am not sure what I will do. I think I will arrange for Logan to spend some time in Manitoba with my parents because they will take pics for me. I think it is good that P is seeing all of the things I do.

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