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Sunday, October 26, 2008

So yesterday the winds were ridiculous. It was nuts. It was a very cold in the face wind on my 15 minute walk to my tent at 0030.

Apparently our tent almost blew down yesterday. Patti was securing it when she was supposed to be sleeping to come on watch at 0030. There was also an indication of a fire in the tent next to us. Apparently it was just grass blowing in to the heater.

I did well on my watch last night and learned alot. Those 12 hours seem to take forever and it doesn`t seem I have enough time in between watches to do anything.

Showers were down this morning so I had a little birdbath. Good thing I came prepared.

My knee seems to be bothering me but I hope it starts to feel better.

L and P are doing well although I only got to talk to P for 3 minutes last night when I went out for a bathroom break. 3 of the porta potties had blown over etc.
IMP for supper. Not so yummy.

later for now. talk to you tomorrow morning hopefully.

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