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Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother's Day photo contest!

Jen entered this photo contest so I thought I would do. It seemed like a fun thing to do.

The picture I chose is from October 14th 2007. Logan was 9 days old. My labour lasted 40 hours before they finally did a c section. I was only dilated to 7 cm and my cervix was very swollen. Logan was face up and canted off to the side so he probably wouldn't have been ever able to make it out on his own. He was also 9 lbs 15.5 oz. This picture shows how absolutely tired I was as I was still trying to do everything myself as opposed to resting like I was supposed to. I just loved him so much and didn't want to miss anything so I was always with him. This picture shows how absolutely dead tired I am but I am still lovingly bathing my sweet little boy!


thingsyoudidntdo said...

Great photo Rae Lynn! You do looked absolutely exhausted! Non of us could believe that you were up and about so quickly after he was born! But who want to spend lots of time with your precious Logan :-)

Earthmommy said...

What a sweet picture! It's amazing how even at our most exhausted we still feel the higher call of motherhood.