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Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Victoria Day everyone!

So last Thursday I dropped Logan off at Jen's at 0840 and she was taking Logan and Nate to childminding. I headed to 6th street to meet the yummy mummies for our run to the airpark, around twice and back. I started running with Kimbo and when we were on the first loop of the airpark I had pulled my left calf. I started walking. I finished one loop at the airpark walking and then walked the 1.4 km back to my car. Then I had to run some errands. I also had to pick up Logan and Nate from Creative Kids. I parked at Jen's and walked to the gym. Then as I was coming out of the gym, Jen and Laurel met me and we all walked back to Jen's house together. Logan would not eat for them. I am not sure if it is because his teeth are bothering him. When we got home he was a champ eating his turkey stew though.

Then Thursday night I was scrapping at the MFRC. I completed 2 layouts and started a third. They are shown here. It was alot of fun. Jen, Laurel and Bobbi were there. Gill had already headed to Quadra Island with Brandon to go camping.
Friday morning I phoned the campsite on Quadra and she said she could put us right across the road from Gill and Brandon, Shirley & Dale (Brandon's parents) and Pam & Randy, Isabelle & Paul. We were able to make the 4:30 ferry to Quadra. We did manage to have a little drama on the way. We stopped at the shell station on the highway before Campbell River. Paul took out the propane tank and prepaid to fill it. When the lady came out she said it only needed 2 lbs so wasn't worth filling. Paul went inside to get the refund and when he came back we headed to the ferry. They told us we would be on the 5:30 PM ferry and we were there at 3:36. While we were paying for our ferry fee someone told us our side door of the camper was open. I looked in and told Paul the tank was gone. I was worried that it had fallen out while we were driving and we didn't hear it. Then Paul remembered that he hadn't put it back in the truck from the gas station. I had super quick thinking and asked him for his gas station receipt. I called the gas station and asked if the tank was still there. They said it was. I asked if someone could bring it to us and we would pay them. They said no problem $10. Paul ended up giving them $15. They were so awesome to bring it to us. We didn't want to lose our spot in line for the ferry. We were lucky that our jack handles and other stuff didn't fall out of the compartment. We arrived at our campsite soon after since the ferry is only 10 minutes long. It was a huge site and very very nice. Jen, Nate & Turner were over for the day visiting Gill so we hung out with them for a bit. I decided to ask them if Mark & Tammy could also stay at our site since they hadn't reserved a site ahead of time. Wendy was awesome and said they could. I called them and they weren't sure they were coming. Later we were hanging out at Gill's campsite and it was 9:30 PM. Someone from the campsite office came over and asked for me saying Mark had called and asked us to email pics of the site. It was ridiculous since I told him I couldn't since there is no email at the campsite. We got our site set up and all was well. Gill's campsite area was gorgeous. They were right on the water. Tikka was in heaven with so much play time and Nate adjusted really really well. We decided to use disposable diapers for the weekend since we were camping and had no facilities to do laundry. It worked out really really well. It was nice to come home and not have diapers to wash. Mark, Tammy, Madison and Ryan ended up showing up Saturday at around 1PM. It was great to see them. We moved our truck over and they got set up. We had a blast with them on the weekend. Then on Sunday Paul wanted to leave sunday morning after check out. We decided we would hang out all day as their guests and then grab the 6PM ferry. Then at 5PM I didn't want to go home and managed to convince Paul to stay another night. We managed to pump out the camper at the sani station and pay for our extra night so that we could get up and go in the morning. We had another awesome night. I love campfires. Saturday night we had smores with the Mambos. Very delicious. A slug also managed to climb up the picnic table while we were playing crib and was right beside me. So disgusting. Logan woke up at 0455 this morning. I was able to feed him and change him and he fell asleep again by 0600. We slept till 0700 and then packed up. We helped Mark and Tammy pack up and then thye told us to head out since they had to wait till 0900 to check out. We left and were close to the beginning of the line for the ferry. We didn't think the Mambo's would make it on the ferry till later but they did. The kids came running up to the truck. The weather was 26 on friday and saturday and then 20 or so on sunday. Today we woke up to rain. Once we got to Campbell river we decided to go to Banners for breakfast. It was delicious. We were home by 1130 or so. I let Paul take care of Logan while I emptied out the whole camper. Later I had to run downtown to fun a few errands. Logan had a wonderful time camping. It was so nice to just relax as a family. We had some really awesome meals and great campfire times. It was nice to get to know Brandon and his family more. I cooked supper and got Logan to bed. Tomorrow Logan has childcare and I will be cleaning the house. I won't be running tomorrow or probably at all this week since my calf is so sore. I re-strained it today at the ferry. Paul was in the washroom and the car ahead of me was already on the ferry so I had to run over to grab him. Wednesday night is card club and thursday night is scrapping. I also have to get my stuff ready for the PMQ garage sales next weekend. We may camp at tee pee park next saturday night so we can go to Laurel and Brian's campfire and then go to bed. My hips and knees are also really bothering me right now. I hope it isn't early osteoporosis.

I totally recommend We Wai Kai campground on quadra island. Wendy was amazing and very accomodating.

I also have some more awesome news. Gill and I were accepted to be volunteers at Merrit mountain Musicfest this year. We are just waiting to see if Paul got accepted!!!

Also forgot to say that Dale (Brandon's Dad) looks alot like George Young (Julia's husband). Lots of similar body movement too. Weird.

Cheers for now. I am le tired.

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The Selman's said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Did you get a campsite for Saturday???