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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hmmmm. Let me try and remember what happened over the past few days. Thursday morning, we woke up did a whole bunch of stuff around the house. Then we took Logan and Tikka up to the park. We had a blast playing there and then we came home and got ready to go to out. We drove up Mount Washington to get mine and Logan's seasons passes. We get free passes ($32 total for GST) since Paul is a volunteer ski patroller. I may actually do some skiing this year with Logan. I think he would like it. Paul also wants to buy some bob skates for Logan so we can take him skating. I will need to pick up a pair of ice skates though since I don't have any. We went up to Washington, and got the passes, then we drove to future shop to pick up a new headset for our portable phone. I love being handsfree!!! Then we went to the insurance centre to put insurance back on Paul's car since it wasn't driven while I was away, then gas at superstore and then Hunt Rd Post Office to pick up a box of stuff that I sent home. Was great to get the package!!! Then we got home at 1630 or so. Was a busy busy day. Paul was going to go to hockey but I was still so jet lagged and exhausted so he stayed home to let me rest. He did a chicken in the slow cooker and it was amazing. Then he bathed Logan and I took Logan to bed with me to relax and he cleaned some stuff in the kitchen. He did an amazing job. Then he woke me up at 2100 for Grey's anatomy but it wasn't on. He then put Logan to bed.

Paul was happy about sleeping in till 0600 since he has to get up at 0545 when he is a single parent. I got up and grabbed a shower and then came out to have breakfast with him. Then I was talking on the phone to Rick when all of a sudden I turned around and there was my little man. He had got up, opened the door to his room and came down to see me. We had a blast. I put a movie on at his insistence and started doing some cleaning. I put together 90% of the storage unit that we got new because of the flood to replace the damaged one. My little man even helped me. It was great. Then I was bagged at 1200 so we went to the bedroom for a nap. We both fell asleep. I got up at 1300 and he slept from 1230-1430 or so. Logan and I had to run down to superstore to pick up some chicken for Paul and a couple of other things. He got his cookie and was very happy. I picked him up some plastic rubber maid containers with straws for his water. He loves them!!! Then we dropped off Paul's drycleaning for him. Logan is giving me heart attacks by running away and trying to run into traffic. I'll be nipping that in the bud. Then we came home and played outside with Tikka. Logan was playing on his motorcycle and I was throwing the ball up the cul-de-sac for Tikka. Father came home and Logan went running for him. Then Paul came home early at around 1600. He said he was going to TGIF so I didn't expect him till 1700. He didn't go and came home. He had called me earlier to tell me that Turkey Bingo was going on at the Officer's mess so I was stoked about going to that. I left at 1645 and headed to the mess. Paul picked up his regular friday night Chinese from Quality Foods for him and Logan. Logan was very upset I was going out. Was great to see everyone at the mess. The turkey dinner with all of the fixings was awesome. I was sitting with Dave, Nadine, Stephanie & Alex and Tammy & Allison. Was good. I won a turkey!!! It is a $30 coupon for quality foods for a turkey. Then that finished at 2100 so I was heading home but I popped over to see Sue who was having a housewarming in her PMQ. Was good I stopped since she is going away today till March to Portage La Prairie, MB for pilot training. Will miss her. She convinced me to stay till midnight. Finally got home, missed calls from Paul because no reception in the PMQ's. He was heading to bed but was happy I was home. I didn't mean to be out so late. We went to bed and we heard a noise and I went to check on Logan and he was on the floor. I put a ton of blankets on the floor beside his big boy bed and I smelled poo so I changed his bum. Then I put him back to bed but he got up and followed me to bed so he slept with us. Paul said that Logan was kicking him in the face at 0600. We ended up getting up at around 0730 and Paul made us pancakes. Then we finished off the shelving unit and Paul fastened it to the wall in the office so I can begin to get set back up. Logan and I went to lay down at noon again and not sure if I got any sleep. Then we got up and Paul had to go and buy a new battery for his car since his was dead after not being driven. I started cleaning the living room. It looks much better. I was also mad scrambling for a baby sitter. I called Selena to see if Christina was able to babysit but Selena said she was too busy and didn't know I had been in Afghanistan so she offered to babysit herself. I got the house looking much better and Paul did some running around in town. Then Logan went for a nap at 1530 while I vacuumed. I decided to dress up for the Jr Ranks bingo since I lost so much weight and all my clothes look brand new since the insurance company had them all dry-cleaned. I put on a skirt and my knee high boots and one of my new shirts. Paul was very impressed!!!

We headed to the Jr ranks bingo at 1740 and we had the supper that was included. It was soooooooooooooooooooooo good. Chicken, fries and veggies, and a drink for me and more for Paul. We didn't end up winning but was sooooo good to see my friends. I was very tired at the end of the night. It was finally over at 2245 and we drove home. Selena said that Logan and the animals were complete angels and he was a pleasure to babysit. I gave her a pashmina to thank her and she was overjoyed!!!

Then finally to bed in my wonderful bed with my wonderful amazing husband.

Had a great sleep but Logan was up at 0700 so I got up and changed him and brought him to bed with us. We didn't get back to sleep so I showered and brought him out at 0800 and let Paul rest. He got up just before 0900. We are getting ready for church at 1000.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

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