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Monday, November 2, 2009

03 NOV 0040 23 SLEEPS


Had a good day. Got up at 1000 and chatted with my hubby online for 30 minutes. Was good. He passed his first aid exams so that was great.

Showered and headed to work. Work went well. Was busy the whole time. Finished at 1850 and biked home. I went to call Mom H to wish her a Happy Birthday but couldn’t reach her. Then I called Dad and we had a nice chat. Tried Mom but no one was home.

Came home and watched some L word till 2300 and then went to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the bike for 773 calories burnt and 4.83 miles. Then I did 32 situps, then 10, then 9 pushups and then another 6. Was good. I read my book while I biked.

Then I grabbed a shower and now I am watching an episode of the L word and then I will go to sleep at around 0100. I have to get up earlier cause Paul and I have to go to the other side of the base for a DAG brief for when we leave.

23 more sleeps till I am home sweet home!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

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