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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

18 NOVEMBER 0611

Sorry didn't blog last night. Was too tired.

Yesterday I was up at 0500. Someone has their watch alarm set and it woke me up. I had mine set for 0600 but alas. I got up and checked my email and found a sad email from Paul. I don't really want to get in to it too much on my blog right now. Not until he is doing better but needless to say I am very pissed off that people don't think about other people when they do shit to them. What transpired would have been better off waiting the week till I was home and Paul had his support network back and wasn't a single parent. He is alright, and we'll be fine. He had a couple gigglefests with Logan. Man I can't wait to get back home to them.

So then I went to eat, showered, and then called Paul to talk to him. We had a good chat. It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freezing cold in the mornings here. Doesn't get warm till 1000ish. So then I went to breakfast and then we I went in to work to check on the new guys.

My G3 asked me how I was and I said good and then told him what happened to Paul and he couldn't believe it either. He must have senses me doubting coming on the tour. There was a whole bunch of stuff that happened this week and it was like one kick in the teeth after another. First of all, my PER didn't reflect in my mind my overall rockstarness at this job. It is good but the guy that wrote it has never seen me work. He works in a completely different area of KAF. I had asked him to talk to my G3 when I did my brag sheet since I technially work for the G3 and the army when I am here. So back to my story from yesterday, G3 pulls me aside and tells me that I should be very proud of my self and what I accomplished and that I was a huge asset to him and I did extremely strong and excellent work through some very challenging days. The 3 big ones being the election, the Griffon crash, and the day that our General and his tactical unit struck an IED and we lost one of the generals guys and others were injured. It was very nice of him and extremely genuine. I shook his hand and said that it was a pleasure working with him. The 2nd kick in the teeth this week was when we had the Air Wing final pizza night on Sunday night. Sven received an Air Wing Commander's Commendation. Sven is the other Captain in my working cell. I rose above and congratulated him but you could tell he was embarassed. I am assuming it is because he realized how much work I did and that without me 75% of the work wouldn't get done. I am not exaggerating. Between Paul and myself, we did all the work. Sven was better after I came back from HLTA but it was evident to the 4 of us that I was the big producer. Even Patti who I had difficulties with in the beginning has stated numerous times about the amount of work I had accomplished. But anywho, Trevor told me not to worry about it and no one will notice my whole career when I do good shit so stop caring. So all this happened before my awesome chat with G3.

Also back to the PER, I know people will be confused but during our PER debrief he told me that someone came to him and told him that I was reflecting poorly on the airforce and that I was leaving work to go to the market for 3 saturdays in a row back in August. He had never got around to talking to me about it and since it was the end of the tour he only mentioned it because I asked. I couldn't believe that my dedication on my PER was only skilled. I eat all my meals at the desk and am extremely dedicated. So we were a little rushed but I explained to him that on those occasions that I only left for 10 minutes which is shorter than 90% of the smoke breaks that people take, that I ate all my meals at my desk and that I had nothing going on and I took someone's cell phone so that if shit happened I would be right back. And that I had G3 approval. He wouldn't tell me who said it but I started thinking after and I realized that it was Kent. He is this 45 year old navigator who was from greenwood. Very smelly and crappy at his job as a tac-p. I don't know why he thought it was his business. So I was very upset because he was trying to make me look like a bag of shit when I was hardworking and dedicated.

So then I went back over to G3 yesterday and I was like "you passed that on to the Air Wing" right? And he was like, no but I can. And then I was like, my boss came to see you about my PER right? And he was like, no again. I told him my PER was alright but not what I would expect given how he personally felt about my work and how I felt and then I mentioned that Sven received a wing commander's commendation and he exclaimed that I deserved one too and no one consulted him on that either.
So basically he is writing a letter of appreciation to go on my file that will be sent to my boss in comox and to the wing commander and to the guy that wrote my PER so they can see that in the eyes of the army I am a rockstar. I not only did my job but excelled at it and didn't waste 7 months of my life away from my husband and son for no appreciation.

The other good story is that there was a bbq on the night of the 16th for our HQ. I was sitting with the General's assistant, another Captain and I told him that it meant alot to me that the General knows my first name and that I was looking at the Air Wing Pictures and the one of me and the General there is no space between us. He has his arm around me and it is obvious he knows me where as in all of the other pics with other people, there is a huge space because they are strangers. Then he told me that when the General is presenting medals to people he gives the medal a double tap with his finger when he knows the person, sort of like a symbol of good luck and appreciation, and he said he remembers that the General did that to me. Was so awesome. I can't wait to party with these guys in cyprus.

So all in all, I was feeling shitty from the kicks in the teeth but now I am feeling much much better since my G3 is such a great leader. That guy worked his butt off all tour for 10 months with 16 and 18 hour days. He has the bags under his eyes to prove it, yet he is still writing a letter to try and fix the laziness of others. I have nothing but respect and admiration for him. Truly a wonderful leader.

So after our chat, I had a parade practice at 0700 for the Air Wing Commander's change of command parade. I had my jacket on but it was freezing cold. We had 2 do 2 practices, then we had the real thing where they made us take off our jackets. I was sooo cold. I was shivering and miserable. We were also in the shade which didn't help. I love the new air force drill that they made up when we were on parade. We did a remove headdress for the blessing from the chaplain and then the chief decided that when we did the replace headdress that we would keep our hands on our beret until he called us to attention and then we could bring our hands down. I felt retarded doing this since I know it is wrong. So ridiculous. Then we had some more out clearances to do. I popped in to work at 1230 to see how Jay was doing and then I had to go out to the air wing. Then I was back at 1420 and stayed at work with him till 1700. I was exhausted so then I left. Good thing I was there. He was tired too from getting up early so I sorted some stuff out for him. He is doing an amazing job and I am very proud of him. Then I came back and went to say goodbye to Trevor who didn't show up tll after 2100 since he had to work a really long day. Said my goodbyes. Was good to spend some time with him this week since I haven't seen him since november 2008. I told him he better be safe!

So busting out of here today. I'll be in Paphos tonight and the vacation begins!!

7 more sleepies till I am home.

Love Rae-Lynn

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