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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

25 NOVEMBER 2152

So after my last post on the 23rd, we had to clear out of our rooms and start our Departure Assistance Group (DAG) from Paphos at the hotel. We went to the ball room and had some briefings and then we went to breakfast at the hotel, then we had to have our luggage inspected at the hotel, then we sat around and waited till 0300 for the bus to the airport. I sat with Heather on the bus and G3 was across from me. We had some good laughs on the way there. When we got there, we grabbed our gear. Heather found my barrack box and brought it right to me. Was awesome. Then we went inside and Duane was ahead of me just carrying his barrack box instead of using a cart. I piled his on my luggage cart, and then mind on top of his and then I sat on top of the barrack boxes like a queen and he pushed the cart through the line-up. We were in line for a half hour or so but I describe it as the best line - up of my life since I was just chillaxin. I also did some fill-it-in word puzzles. As goofy as I looked, it was worth it to see the big smiles that people got out of it. Then we went through security. They don't use the wands there. I forgot I had my dog tags on so I am thinking that that is why it beeped. They call a woman over and she pads you down quite intimately, over the breasts and down. Was very interesting. Then we had to go through passport control and then we were just waiting. It was like 0430 or so and we were supposed to board the flight at 0550 for a 0630 departure. We found out at 0700 that we were delayed due to a broken door and time unknown of when we would be departing. We finally boarded at around 0830 I believe but didn't take off till 0930. It was a 1980's 340 Air bus. This plane only had movies on one screen, no individual power stations or tv's. The food was good though. I had scrambled eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, yogurt, for breakfast, then lunch was chicken in gravy, with salad, cheddar cheese and crackers and a bun. Then later we got a bag of chips and a turkey sandwich. Was good. No alcohol on the flight though. I could taste the Guiness all day. Darryn and I had 3 seats to the 2 of us so that was nice. The spare one between us. We had a great flight. I didn't watch the movies, I was sleeping on and off and I managed to read a 273 page book called Beyond Ugly by Constance Briscoe (Triumphing over a loveless childhood). It was an alright read. It was a long flight but we had alot of laughs at times. We flew 5.5 hours to Shannen Ireland and then we deplaned so they could fuel. They said it was 1.5-2 hours. So we all walked to the area where we could hang out and there was duty free shops there and a bar and food. G3 bought 10 guiness for the guys and me. I had my first guiness ever. I didn't like it but I drank it. I didn't even finish it when they were calling us back to the plane. Some of the guys bought sandwiches. G3 and Simone had one called Chicken and stuffing. I took a bite and it was amazing. Everyone but me has had a sandwich with stuffing and turkey or chicken on it and I hadn't. Paul hasn't either but we will do it this Christmas because it was sooooooooooooooo amazing. Then I ran in to the duty free shop and bought a t-shirt for Paul. Then back to the plane for another 8.5 hours or so flight. We were 3 hours late leaving Paphos but we ended up landing in Edmonton at around 1500 so we made up 1.5 hours. We deplaned to a huge fanfare of people. There were some dignitaries. The first hands to shake as we left was our Commander the General and his RSM. He knows me as Rae-Lynn but my nickname on tour was Boots, so that was what he called me when I left the aircraft. Then there was a couple of guys that were injured in IED strikes that I knew in the line when we were shaking hands. Was so good to see them. Then we went inside and had to hand in our passport and get something stamped. I went around saying my goodbyes and hugging people because I decided to head to the airport vice the hotel and try to get on the A/C flight instead of waiting till the morning. I hugged my friends and said goodbye. I went to shake G3's hand and he hugged me and thanked me again for my hardwork. Before the flight took off I ended up buying him a 2 euro massage in a massage chair because he thinks that going to get a massage is "gay". He loved it and was very appreciative. I had one at the hotel as well, and then I had another 2 euro left so I had another one. I also forgot to mention that I bought one of those inflatable travel pillows for 6 euro at the airport. Then Andrew bought the deluxe model to show me up, which comes with an eye cover so you can make it dark. His was definitely nicer but was 12 euro. I also bought 2 books "Beyond Ugly" and Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, which I will be passing on to Robyn after I finish them. I think it will be quite the read. Front cover says "Your son says the bullying was unbearable, but his revenge was murder, what would you do? ".

When we landed Andrew gave me his deluxe edition and Darryn said he wanted mine. Was going to save mine for Paul but decided to pay it forward and give him mind. Was awesome!!

So after I finished my goodbyes, I figured out what hotel everyone was going to in case I couldn't get on the flight and then I would have went there. I was sooooooooooo exhausted. I was outside in the cold trying to find my bags and everyone was asking what I was doing. I said I was getting my bags and heading for the airport so they let me and helped me look. I got the shell guys to call me a cab and I arrived at the airport at 1615. I was standing there waiting at the ticket purchase line which was closed and she was talking to someone. I started to think about how homesick I was and how much I couldn't wait to see them and that another night would be torture and I just started crying. I was still in my uniform and had all of my bags. When it was my turn I explained through tears that I had a flight at 0620 the next day and was wondering if there was room on the 1715 flight or the 1815 flight to Vancover and then Comox. She got her supervisor and he came over and called me Rae-Lynn and asked if I was alright and said not to worry they were waving the fee, and the extra baggage charges and were putting me on the 1715 flight. I was ecstatic. I had to take my barrack box to the oversize area, not sure why but I did, and then I went through customs. I didn't have my liquids in little baggie so I was rushing and finally got that done and got through and went to my gate to wait. I tried to call Paul but no one was home so I left him a message. Then we boarded the plane and took off. It was an Ebrauer. The onflight entertainment system was broken so I couldn't even charge my ipod. Luckily Darryn let me charge it off his laptop battery during the trip. I inflated my pillow and put on my eye cover and tried to sleep. Then I read a newspaper. I was so sad to hear about the toddler that fell to his death at Toronto Airport. So sad. Then we landed in Vancouver and I couldn't tell my gate yet. I headed to the white spot and ordered a grilled chicken caesar and then when it came I had to get it boxed up because it was 1820 and I still had to find my gate. I noticed they have free wi-fi at the terminal so I was able to connect with my ipod to put on facebook that I was landing at comox at 2015. Was awesome. Then I got my food and rushed over to find my gate. Had to go all the way over to B19. They have made so many changes to the terminal for the olympics. It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great. Then I got to my gate and I scarfed down my supper. I wanted to fix up my face but didn't have time before we boarded. Then we boarded and the flight was going to campbell river and then comox and they said that they may not be able to land in campbell river. They were able to and that was fine. I quickly threw on some makeup so I wouldn't look like a total zombie. Then we took off for the 8 minute flight to Comox. I was so stoked. We landed and I rushed off the plane and hurried to the arrivals. I didn't see anyone and then I saw Paul and Logan. They came over and Father Arek was there taking pictures. I bent down for Logan to come and see me but he didn't recognize me in my uniform. He did recognize my voice. I picked him up and he kissed me and then I let him run around. Then he came running up to me to pick him up and gave me more kisses. I pulled his stuffed chocolate lab puppy out of my bag and he saw it and came running at me to get it. He loved it. He was soooooooooooooooooooooo happy. That night we got home and Logan was in bed with us and we were reading him books. He would kiss me, then Paul, then me, then Paul. So happy. Then he fell asleep and I fell asleep and then we moved him to his crib. Paul and I would fall asleep and then wake up and then sleep. Paul had an upset stomach at 0400 so we were up for that. Then Dad called at 0645 and woke us up. He never checks his facebook otherwise he would have known that I was home. Paul was given 2 days short leave for the 25 and 26 so that was awesome. We got up at around 0740 or so and I asked Logan if he wanted to go swimming and he said yeah. So at 0930 we went to the aquatic center and had a blast for 2 hours or so. He went down the slide a few time. I made the mistake of going down the slide and hurt my but. We ran into a girl from our pre-natal class so that was nice catching up. Then we went in the hot tub and then they turned on the wave machine which I had never seen and Logan absolutely loved it. We put him in a floating toy and he road the waves. Then he was running around in the shallow water. He made me laugh a million times. He is soooooooooooo smart. Then we came home and we tried to have a family nap but Logan wanted to do stuff so I took him to his room with me and I converted his crib to a toddler bed. It is awesome. Then I did some laundry and we played downstairs. The house is in shambles from the flood so we have alot to do. It is really clean though but lots of clutter to put away. Paul did an amazing job of things while I was away. Then finally at 1430 I got some sleep. Then I got up and got ready for going out for supper. We went to Boston pizza. It was great! Then we went to Wal-mart to get some boots for Logan but all of the winter boots aren't high enough for his high arch so they hurt him. We may need to go to Kiddie Cobbler in ONtario and get him a nice pair. His shoes are good enough for here but we will be in the cold for 1 month. Then we stopped at Superstore which now looks completely different from when I left. There is now self-checkout. It looks like the one in New market. I was stoked. They have way more Joe clothing and was awesome. I wanted to take Logan to look at stuff but he headed right for the bakery for a cookie so I took him. He was so excited. He had his cookie and didn't want to share. At the end we were waiting for Paul and he notice the security camera and recognized him and me on it. He always says you, when he sees himself. He was dancing and watching it. It was hilarious. Then we drove home and Paul put out the garbage. I let Logan use his motorcycle in the cul de sac. He is soooooooooooooooooooo fast on it. And once again hilarious. Was all good until the other kids playing accidentally kicked a soccer ball at my head and it really hurt and gave me a headache and I was crying so we came inside. Paul saw a weird vehicle and came out thinking one of us got run over. Luckily not. Then we came in and I bathed Logan. He didn't go pee on the potty for us but I also didn't see it happen in the tub if it did. We then hung out and I put him in his big boy bed at 2200. He was over tired and didn't want to go to bed. He barely napped this afternoon. Paul said I was snoring sooooooooooooooooooooo loud last night. Probably because I was so physically and emotionally exhausted and so happy to be home.

I hope he doesn't fall out of bed, because he moves around so much.

Not sure what is on top for tomorrow but we had a wonderful day today. I was able to talk to Robyn, Rolly, Dad, Mom H, Grandma Richard today. So happy to be home. Can't wait to see all my friends but not sure when that will be. We have soooooooooooo much to do around the house etc. I am in at work 30 Nov, and 1,2 Dec.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul and Logan (finally together again)

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