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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11 NOVEMBER 0031

Happy Birthday to Logan’s Great Nana Shirley and our Nana Shirley. And Happy Birthday to Uncle Frank. Both celebrating Nov 11th.

Had a wonderful day today. I woke up at 1040 20 min before my alarm. Last night I stayed up till 0200 watching the season 6 finale of the L word. Unfortunately that was the last season but I really enjoyed the series. Then I went to sleep and slept pretty good. Got up and did some more arranging of stuff. Showered, went to lunch and then headed to work. Work was insanely busy again. One of my main computers was acting up severely again today. We replaced the hard drive tonight after my shift so hopefully will be good to go tomorrow when we start our handovers.

I didn’t even get to go to the washroom until 1700 and I start at 1230. That is how busy I was with stuff. Was good though, finished up at 1845 or so and headed over to eat supper. It was chicken tenders….so delicious. Then I biked home at 1930 or so and did a couple of things and then BS popped over to see if I had anything ready to give him before I leave. I gave him 3 of my hanging storage shelves that I had already taken down. We had a good chat for about an hour or so. It was really really cold out tonight. I am also going to give him by wooden nightstand/shelf thing, and my 3 drawer cart, as well as my duvet and cover, and my 2 pillows. Was really good to see him. Made me miss home that much more but nice to see a familiar face. He sort of got screwed on his HLTA dates which even pissed me off. They gave them both to him during the same fiscal year. Someone should have noticed that him and Laurel are a service couple and that it should be in the next fiscal year so she could take leave with him. Oh well, I guess if I did 9 months, chances are both of mine would be in the same fiscal year. His are also at the beginning of his tour though so at the end he will have over 5 months without seeing his family. I am sure they will be fine but would have been nice if they could have got a better spread of dates. Was so funny when Brian told me he reads my blog! I wasn’t expecting that. He was wondering what the L word is and I told him it is a tv series. LOL!

So they looked at my email from yesterday because I have read receipt but no one replied to my request of them booking me the earlier flight. We will see if they reply by tomorrow. The least they can do is reply. Gosh!

So today is Remembrance Day. Will be quite a memorable one since I am here. Heading over to work to arrive at 1030 tomorrow for the ceremony. Then I start day one of training the replacements. Hopefully it will go smoothly. I will probably get up at 0830 so I can grab a quick breakie so I am not starving during the ceremony. Just gonna finish up this post and then hit the hay.

Logan is down with Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry until the weekend since the daycare is closed.

Love Rae-Lynn

8 sleeps left here, 16 till I am home!!!

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