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Monday, November 9, 2009

10 NOVEMBER 0010


Had an awesome day today. Last night I tried to go to bed at midnight and then I called Paul and Logan when I couldn't sleep cause I missed them. They had just got back from church and they came online and we had a video chat for an hour or so. It was sooooooooooooooooooo great. Logan was his adorable little self. Even saw Tikka. Was really really good. Then at 0100 I went to bed and was woken up at 0930 by someone moving in to our tent. I decided to get up. So I packed up some more of my stuff and then I finally showered and got ready for work. I grabbed lunch and went in to work. As always I was a rockstar. Tons of stuff for me to fix and sort out. Was really really busy. I finished at 1850 and borrowed the vehicle to drive home and pick up my last box to send home, grabbed it and mailed it home. Then I drove back to work and returned the vehicle and then went in for a little bit.

They sent me my itinerary for my flight to comox on the 25th. They booked me on the westjet flight leaving edmonton at 1300 arriving in comox at 1345. I was super pissed because I know there is flights before that with Air Canada. I quickly went online and found that there is an Air Canada flight leaving edmonton at 0620 and arriving in Comox at 0915 via a stopover in Vancouver. I emailed them and asked if it is possible for them to put me on that flight instead. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow what they will say. I think they thought they were doing me a favor by booking me on a direct flight but I was previously told that the booking priority was first available flight. The other person going to comox as well is happy with the flight. We will see what happens. I will be ecstatic if they book me the 0620 flight. I want to get home as soon as I can. Time will tell. The problem is that I think the westjet flight was only $79 before tax and the aircanada one is $197 before tax so I doubt they will change it.

Then I biked home, did the laundry run and then came home. It was almost 2100 be that time. I watched some L word till 2210 when this guy popped over for my chair that I promised him. He bought me a huge lindt chocolate bar in exchange for the chair. He actually gave me 2. One was dark chocolate with hazelnuts so I shared that around at work because I hate dark chocolate. The other one is super awesome milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

After he came by, I went to the gym. I did 60 minutes on the bike for 1018 calories and 6.19 miles. then I did 40 situps and then 15 pushups and then 8 pushups. Was great.

Then I grabbed a shower and now I am blogging and watching the final episode of season 6 of the L word and then bed time.

Love Rae-Lynn

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