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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Had an alright day. Got up at 0930 and phone Paul. We had a good chat.

Last night Paul took Logan to the movie night at the base. It was G.I, Joe. He said Logan had a good time. At one point Logan stood up on the couch and then farted really loudly and then started laughing. That’s my boy!!

He was also dancing on the stage for a bit.

They didn’t get home till 2100 or so.

Work was alright. I’m looking forward to getting home. I got a massive migraine at the end of my shift and I still have it. I’m gonna go to bed at around 2300 tonight or sooner depending on how I feel. I came home, did the laundry run and then watched the last episode of the L word season 5. Was good.

Then I went to supper and now I am blogging. Then probably bed time.

20 sleeps till I am home!!! 13 more sleeps here!

Love Rae-Lynn

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