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Monday, November 16, 2009

16 NOVEMBER 2106

Had a pretty good day. Got up at 0700. Was an accident since I only had to be up just before 0900 to go turn in my unaccompanied baggage. Rob was grabbing his stuff and was a little loud so it woke me up. I asked him if he had room for me and my stuff and he said sure so we headed down there and turned it in. Was good. Then I came back, and headed to breakfast with Paul. Then I went and called Paul and we discussed the options. I figured that I would try and call westjet and see if I could get moved on to the flight leaving at 0830 and get to comox at 1120 and see if they would waive any fees since I am coming home from Aghanistan. I waited on hold for 20 minutes of my "phone card" time and then gave up. Then I did some more packing, and then showered and read a bit of my book. I wasn't able to go in to work with Jay since I had a meeting at 1300. It was soooooooooooo poorly organized. There was 140 of us and they had us in 3 groups and you had to do all of the stuff in order. So group one went in to their briefing and everyone waited, then group 2 and then us. They knew the names in each group ahead of time but didn't bother telling us and getting us to show up staggered. They just had us all show up at 1300. Uber retarded but oh well. I was super tired since I am so wired these days about coming home and so happy that my friends are here. So I didn't finish up there till 1500 and then I went in to work to help out Jay. He was a rockstar. He only had a couple of questions for me. I got a couple more signatures for my outclearances. Then I called westjet and waited online for 40 minutes before she came to the phone and told me that she couldn't change my ticket and that I had to go thru the travel agent that booked it. She suggested I pay the change fee and the difference in fare to have a guaranteed seat instead of trying to go standby and paying $50 to go on the earlier flight. So I checked online at Air Canada and West Jet one more time and the flight that I originally wanted with Air Canada was on sale for $79. I bought it. It came to $127 and takes me right to Comox 5 hours before my other flight. Only $20/hour for time that I am soooooooooooooooooooo craving with my hubby and my son. I can't wait to see them. Logan was so adorable on our last video chat. He is Daddy's little boy. I hope he still wants to hang with Mommy like on my HLTA. I was so stoked that I was able to book this. I won't be re-imbursed but that is fine with me. I will still get them to pay me what they would have owed me for lunch if I had of taken the flight that they arranged. I think that is only fair and I have to make sure that they cancel the ticket. I'll get that one cancelled tomorrow afternoon. Oh yeah, here is the worst part. I learned today that the people booking my flight did consult the other person flying back to Comox and she said that she would prefer the direct flight at 1300 and that most people hate flying thru Vancouver and that she wanted to sleep in. And that she doesn't like the puddle jumper airplanes. I was soooooooooooooo pissed because when I got my crappy flight I called her upset and she didn't mention that they asked her. She is also my room-mate in Cyprus so I will try and bite my tongue and not tell her how much she screwed me over. She should have to pay for my earlier flight. Good times!!!

Then at 1800 was the HQ5-09 BBQ. Went to that. Was good I had my jacket because it gets super chilly here at night. I had an awesome steak and a sausage. Popped back in to check on the guys on duty and then left at 1930 and came home and changed. Then I went to hang out with Jay and Trevor but they weren't there so I went to the internet room and Jay was there. Then we went to use the phones. I called Dad & Lynn and Mom & Duffer but no one was home. Then I called Grandma Richard and we had a good chat. She thought I was home already but I said no.

Then I hung out with Jay and Trevor for a little bit and then came home and got ready for bed. I have parade practice at 0700 so I have to be up at 0600 to shower and eat before that. Then I have to return some more stuff after that and then another meeting in the afternoon. Then I will go in and see Jay at work again. He is doing soooooooooooooooooooooooooo great though. I am so proud!!

Mailed off my Christmas cards today as well so that was good. Had a good chat with Paul this morning. I really hope that Paul's unit gives him 2 days short leave when I get home. He hasn't got his memo back yet but I figure it is the least they can do given the fact that I volunteered to deploy for 7 months and he has had to be a single father.

I am just so happy that I don't have to sit around in Edmonton wasting my time.

I can't wait till my massage in Cyprus. My shoulders are so sore.

9 sleepies to go!!1

Love Rae-Lynn

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