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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 NOV 0852

Happy Birthday Gillian.

Had a great day. Got up at 0930 and showered, and then went online and was able to chat with Paul for 15 minutes before I had to go. Paul and I drove over to the other side of the base for our briefing for leaving this place. Finished and returned the vehicle. Then we were able to get our swine flu and seasonal flu vaccinations. We were told not to exercise for 24 hours and that we should take some Tylenol tonight because our arms are going to be sore. We got one in each arm. I am relieved that I have it already.

I think Paul is trying to get his and Logan’s this week. I was surprised how many people don’t want it. Blows my mind.

Work was busy enough. Was good.

Finished at 1850 and biked home, then I did the laundry run. Then I started packing up some more stuff in my room. Was good. Now I am settling down to watch some more L word. I am in season 5 now, the final season that I have. Then I can pack it up and send home my last box of stuff.

22 more sleeps!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

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