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Monday, November 23, 2009

23 NOVEMBER 2312

Hmmm. So here is my big blog update.

We arrived in Paphos on the 18th at 1900 or so and came to the hotel. We had alot of briefings and then I grabbed a two minute shower and put on civies and then we headed downstairs for a meal. Was good. I finally decided to buy the bottle of white wine. I carried it around all night drinking it, and it was a good night. I think I went to bed at around midnight. Then I was up at 0700 or so the next day and went to breakfast and then we had a roll call at 0900 and then our first session from 1000-1130. Was alright. It was totally more geared to those who had been outside the wire though. Then we had lunch. Then we had to do 2 elective classes. I took Healthy relationships from 1300-1400 and then Stress and Anger management from 1430-1530. I was super tired but they were alright. They set it up that way so we could have the rest of the time off instead of having 2 half days of stuff. Then that night I went for a 1 hour full body massage and foot treatment. Was really really good but was more like a relaxing massage where I should have asked for therapeutic massage. Then I was feeling like a million bucks. This was from 1900-2030 so I showered and started drinking in my room. I had some rum and pepsi and then I went downstairs. The drinks were too expensive there. They are like 6 euros each etc. Wine bottle is 16.5 euros. So I would run up to my room and drink some more. Then the rest of the gangs flight came in and they were around and I was sooooooooooooo happy to see them. I was hugging everyone and told them I missed them. Then Andrew bought wine and I was drinking that and soooo happy and then all of a sudden just totally drunk and I don't remember lots. Andrew said he was laughing and trying to get me to puke by the tree. I remember puking in the toilet and stumbling around. Heather took care of me all night and finally was able to convince me to go the room but not before I puked in the lobby. I had some severe alchol poisoning. Then I put myself in the shower and lay there in the water and eventually passed out. Then I woke up an later freezing and I got up and went to bed. I didn't schedule anything for friday so it worked out well. I woke up, went to breakfast, saw Simon and John and asked if I could hang with them. They were going for a walk. So we took a long walk down the road and then into a little covey area. I went for a swim in my underwear. It was sooooooooooooooooooo refreshing. I think I was still drunk. LOL.

I was drinking lots of water though and recovering.

Then we walked back. I can't wait to get Simone's pics because he took some great ones. Then we came back to the hotel and Heather had told the mental health people that she was worried about me so I had a chat with them for a couple of hours about some of my issues. Then that night we went out for supper, the army guys from the JPOC and myself. We had a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant. I had a ribeye. No drinking. Saturday was my daytrip to Nicosia which is the capital of cyprus and 2.5 hours away from Paphos. It was good. When we got there we headed to the Old part which is the turkish part. We saw the green line etc. I needed to buy new clothes because all mine are like 10 sizes too big. John and Simone were frustrated waiting for me but they finally went to go get food. I bought a girly sweater and a pair of jeans for 20 euros each. I was happy. Then we walked alot. Then on the way back to the other side I wanted to go to a bra shop so they left. Couldn't find anything and then started walking back to the border. I found this great shop that was going out of business and everything was 50% off. The lady working there was awesome. I bought 3 tank tops, 4 Christian Dior shirts, 3 lacoste golf shirts, and a pair of awesome blue jean capri pants and a Diesel belt for $100 euros. It was soooooooooooo great. Then I was done and waiting at the pick up point at 1530 and the bus wasn't coming till 1730. Was cold so I threw on my new jeans. Then we took the bus back and I was talking with my friend Todd who is very similar to me. He also doesn't have the filter that most people have that filters what people say. He helped me realize that I am normal and not ADD. I probably just have a mild form of OCD and some other issues. I am just really really good at multi-tasking and am easily bored when I am under stimulated.

Then we got back and I came upstairs and was able to video chat with Paul and then Heather and I went downstairs for food. I think we were in bed by 2300 that night. My feet were pretty sore.

Then on Sunday was my day tour of Kourion, Limassol and one other city. I woke up at 0500 and got up and walked down to the beach and took some pics. Then I wrote Logan's name on the sand and did a little video for him. Then I saw Pistol Pete swimming in a speedo. Then I was walking back up the path to the hotel and there was this guy and I was on high alert. He walked up beside me and said hi. I said Hi. Then he said where you from, I said Canada and he was from Syria, then he asked if it was my hotel and if I go and be his wife in the hotel. I said no I'm married, and he asked again, finally he got the picture and left. Was so weird. Then I went to the hotel and talked to people. Breakfast doesn't start till 0700. Then I had breakfast and then my tour. We drove around. I saw the old amphitheatre, was cool, the birth place of Aphrodite, goddess of love, I saw a medieval castle. We were taken to a village and the lunch was provided so I forced myself to try some new foods. I had the cyprus salad which was alright, I tried the spinach roll, not a fan, had the fried cheese which was good, the best ever pork souvlaki, a rib, and a meat on a stick, and the fried potatoes, and a glass of red wine with lunch that was not good because of the other day when I was sick. Was a great day. We got back to the hotel at 1700 and then I showered and got ready for the HQ-509 dinner. We had a huge dinner in the ballroom. It was voluntary for airforce but mandatory for everyone else. I went and had a blast. I was really tired though. Chops made me dance with him and I felt shy and silly since I was sober. I really wanted to go out last night with everyone but was sooooooooo tired. I came back to my room at 2100 and was able to chat with Paul and Logan. Finally we got the video working and was sooooooooooooo good to see them. Really homesick. Logan knows so many words now.

Then I went to bed at 2300 and woke up at 0700 today, had breakfast and then walked over to the St George hotel which I heard was way cheaper than the spa here. I went and made an appointment for 1 hour full body scrub, 1 hour therapeutic massage, and 1 hour facial. It was at 1200. It is 10 minute walk from here so I walked home after my appointment and sat and talked with friends, then packed my stuff, and then walked down there at 1130 arriving at 1140. I went in to the steam bath and I was coughing, probably because my lungs are full of crap and dust, then I went in to the hottub and the pool then I had my treatments which were awesome. My skin is sooooooooooooo soft and I feel really really good. Then I walked back, and Heather and I went for an early supper, and then at 1800 went to bed to get some sleep. Patti called just as I was getting to sleep and woke us up. Sucked. I ended up getting up out of bed at 2200 and took a long relaxing shower, and got ready. Heather booked a second flight from edmonton to comox for tomorrow since we land at 1330. I am going to go to the airport in my uniform and see if they will take pity on me and let me fly out tomorrow. I will try. There is 3 flights. 1600- arriving 2015, or 1715 arriving 2015 or 1830 arriving 2210 in comox. I will try to get on for free otherwise I will sleep over and take the flight that I booked leaving 0620 arriving 0915.

I can't wait to get home.

Love Rae-Lynn

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