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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18 NOVEMBER 2342

Hello from Cyprus

Today was a long but awesome day. I was up at 0500 because of the same idiot whose watch alarm went off and then didn't get up. We left our shacks at 0745 to go and hand in our luggage and froze to death till 0845. Then I grabbed breakfast with Paul and then I walked back home. Ended up chatting with Paul and then hanging out. We had an 1130 timing and then we got there and it was actually later. Trevor popped over to say goodbye and then we went for lunch. Was good. Then I popped in to check on Jay and then I went to wait for my flight. My flight was awesome. I was freezing cold since where my seat was but the C17 is amazing. I even got to go to the cockpit and take a look. Was great. Then we got to Paphos and came to our hotel and had a briefing and then got our rooms. Then I showered, then went to the buffet and then had a bottle of wine and hung out. Then I found the internet cafe and now I am blogging. Then I will go say goodnight and then go up to bed. I have a 0900 timing tomorrow but I need to eat breakfast before that.

I have one full day tomorrow of mandatory lectures and then I am off till the 24th. I am going to go parasailing, go to the spa and snorkeling and maybe some touristy stuff.

Ran into Marcie here. She is in now. Haven't seen her since 2000.

Missing my boys but will enjoy the break from my tour until I am home.

Love Rae-Lynn

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