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Saturday, November 14, 2009

14 NOVEMBER 2306

Had another great day today. I am pretty tired but was good. I went to bed at 2300 or so and then got up at 0830 this morning, went to breakfast. Then I talked to Jason a bit at OCH and the other guys from work. Then I showered and got ready for the market. I borrowed Patti’s bike for Jason so we could bike to the market together and I could introduce him to my contacts and show him where to get a gun holster etc. Was really good. We went and got his holster, and then we went to see Faisal who Suzie introduced me too. I picked up a couple of things from him and Jason got one thing. Then I took him to my DVD contact and I said goodbye that it was my last market. He was very sad, and said he didn’t want me to go but I said I had to. I said my 2 year old needs me at home. Then when we were browsing he came up to me and gave me 4 free kids DVD’s for Logan. Was nice!!! Then I showed him the purses etc, chess sets, blankets, pashminas etc. I made a couple more purchases and then I showed him where to get his keyboard protector to keep dust and stuff out of his keypad. Was a whirlwind tour. Then we biked to work, dropped off our stuff, and then headed to lunch. Then we started our shift with a redbull each. Jason was a rockstar again today. We were sooooooooooo busy. At lunch we saw the sign for Mexican food night at the mess so I was super stoked all day waiting for it. Only the 2nd one I have seen since I have been here. So when the other guys were in we headed to eat at 1840 so they could read the log and then we headed over to eat. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I had tacos and chicken fajitas. And real sour cream for the 2nd time!!! Then we went back in to make sure they didn’t have any questions and to pick up our purchases from today. I managed to pick up the first 4 episodes of dexter season 4 as well. Then we biked home, and dropped our stuff in my room, and then did the laundry run, then we went to the dutch PX cause Jason wanted to look around. I picked up the cutest stuffed chocolate lab for Logan. Its name is Sam but I am going to change it to Tikka and hopefully Logan will love it. Then we locked the bikes up and I came over to visit Trevor but he is sick so he was in bed. Now just hanging out with Jason and doing some file sharing. Then going to bed. Overall with the market and the Mexican night, million dollar day!!! Tomorrow is our Air Wing BBQ. Jason, me, Sven, and Ed are heading over to it. We get our 2 beers so it should be fun.

That’s all for now.

Oh yeah, I got an email from my boss at home in Comox. I am being attached posted to wing ops in January, and then officially posted to wing ops next summer. I will be the wing ops planner. Will be good. I will be heavily involved in stuff for the Olympics. Apparently I was the #1 draft pick of the Wing Operations officer. “ They want me because of my excellent planning and organizational skills” This should hopefully merry me up with Paul’s posting schedule so that we can be posted together when it is time for him to be posted.

Love Rae-Lynn (11 sleepies to go)

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