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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 NOVEMBER 2352

Had a pretty good day. Got to bed at around 0100. Took forever to fall asleep. Then I was going to get up at 0830 to go have breakfast but Patti woke me up. I heard her waking up Paul so I got up and went to breakfast. Paul was over there eating and then Patti showed up. Then I came back and called my hubby. We had a great little chat. He was out hunting that night with his bow. Didn’t get anything yet but hopefully he will. Logan is down at M&J’s.

Then I headed over to work at around 1015 for our Remembrance Day parade. It was all the more special being over here this year. I can’t go in to much more details but it was really really good.

Then I went in to work and the hard drive swap didn’t help things so we had to get the upgraded version and Sven wasn’t able to do a full back up before the swap so we lost some stuff so helped him get things sorted. I had a redbull and then went on shift at 1230. I wasn’t hungry yet from breakfast so I didn’t eat before my shift and then I totally forgot to eat cause I was sooooooooooooo busy with stuff. Patti had done 18 separate bookings/changes in the database last night and they were working on the database and somehow reverted to an older copy. I re-did all 18 of her changes as well as the other bookings and things I was working on. Was a good shift though. Our replacements still had some inclearances to do so they didn’t come on to train with us. One guy started tonight at 1900 with Paul till 0100 and the other SGT will go on at 0100-0700 and then Sven’s replacement will go in with him and mine will go in with mine. I am meeting him at 1145 tomorrow and then we will go to lunch and then in to work.

Finished shift at 1850 biked home and then did the laundry run. Then I went over to Old Canada House. Ran into BS again and talked to Sven’s replacement. Then I wandered over to see my replacement Jason. He is from Comox as well so wanted to chat. He is totally like my mirror image so that is awesome. He is totally switched on so we will have a great turnover and he will do well in my position. Then when I was talking to him, my buddy Trevor heard my voice and realized it was me and came over. It was sooooooooooo awesome to see him. I haven’t seen him since my MOAT when I was in Greenwood. I may have seen him one other time when I was out there for a simulator. Can’t remember. We went to RMC together and he is a really good friend who I only seem to manage to run into in the armpits of the world. Greenwood and Afghanistan.!!!! LOL. We had a really really good chat but he only got here today so he was super bagged. It is actually really crappy that my good good friends were on the roto before me (Suzy), and the roto after me. (Trevor). Too funny but nice to see them and get a hug. Man I miss hugs. It is soooooooooo horrible not having any physical contact with another human ie hugs etc. I’ll try and spend some more time with him before I leave. He will be here for the next 10 months.

Was soooooooooooooooooooooo cold tonight. I had my one hoodie on and then I put my inner rhythm hoodie on top of that since it was so chilly. My teeth were chattering.

Doesn’t like they are going to switch my flight for me. I may just go ahead and pay for my own flight. I miss my boys so much. One option is paying $170 and flying to Nanaimo arriving at 0907. P&L could maybe stay at M&J’s overnight and then come down and pick me up. This would involve me letting my people from work know not to expect me in comox. The second option is paying $126.85 and booking my own earlier flight out of Edmonton arriving comox at 1120. Option 3 is trying same day standby the day of when I am in comox and getting option 2 flight for free. The fourth option is renting a car and driving home the night of the 24th. I can guarantee I would get there sooner. Option 5 is hitchhiking but with all of my bags, might be rather difficult. Would be alright till I got to BC but then it is illegal. Actually pickup is illegal. Option 6 is partying all night in Edmonton on the 24th and getting hammered and then sleeping in so I am not actually awake and missing my boys and then hopping on at 1300 and getting home at 1340.

I will probably just go with Option 6. LOL
7 sleeps here, home in 2 weeks!!!
Love Rae-Lynn

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Jen said...

I totally know what you mean about missing hugs! I always say that when either Dale or I are away...that not having physical contact with another human being is really hard for me. Maybe it's a girl thing...because boys only seem to miss the sex, not the hugs! LOL

Don't worry though...you'll be home soon and have your fill of Paul and Logan hugs!!