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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Had a pretty good day. It isn't over yet though as I am still at work but taking a break.

I didn't go to bed till 0200 last night so I slept till 1100 or 1130 or so. Got up, went to the gym, did 38 minutes on the bike 611 calories burnt. I started reading a new book. It is the memoir that Barbara Walters wrote. Angela sent it to me in her package. So far it is really good, very interesting. I just finished Princess last night. It is the story of a princess in Saudi Arabia. She uses an assumed name but it was also very interesting. Women are very oppressed in Saudi.

Then I went to eat lunch, then showered and got ready for work. I have my own bike now. Patti scored me one while I was away. I love it. I rode it to work. Work has been pretty slow so that is nice to ease me back in to things. It is very low stress compared to how busy I am normally when I was on the dayshift.

I got an email from Lynn saying that Dad had an appointment in Winnipeg today and that he and her were travelling by Ambulance to winnipeg which is normal procedure. Then I got an update from Rolly saying that the appointment went well. They did the angioplasty and found one blocked artery. They put in 2 shunts and he is resting. He will stay overnight in Winnipeg and then should be home. I hope all will be well. I haven't been able to talk to him yet. I will call tonight when I am done work and see if Lynn is with him and if I can talk to him. It is really hard being away during this time.

They moved my work station across the room tonight at 2100 so I didn't have systems for 40 minutes or so. It is all back up and running again now.

I bought a new ipod cord today. Paul had mine so he can keep it and use it with the ipod that I gave him.

The weirdest thing about being back is getting used to life with no colour. Everything is the same dull dusty gray colour.

I miss Paul and Logan alot but hopefully this tour will start breezing by.

Not sure how I am going to plan my schedule. Day schedule was good because I would get to work fresh from waking up. Now if I go to bed after my shift I am up for awhile before I go to work so I will be tired. I do like going to bed without having to set an alarm clock though. We'll see how I end up sorting out my schedule.

I had a letter from Grandma Edith waiting for me as well when I got back from my holiday.

I tried to call my Dad last night but his phone wasn't on at the hospital. Then I tried my Mom. Was about 1430 in the afternoon but no one answered.

Thank you to everyone for keeping me and my family in your prayers, and especially my Father during this time. I would be lost without him. He needs to be around till my son grows up so they can have wonderful memories together.

Love Rae-Lynn

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