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Friday, September 11, 2009

11 SEPT 2030

Was a sombre day reflecting on the events that occured 8 years ago. It is very sad and we are thinking of all those that died on that fatefull day.

We took Logan to another waterpark today. This time we didn't hesitate on taking him down the waterslide as per the video that I uploaded. He loved it. 40 Steps each time and we must have went 10 times or more. We also went in the water pool area and the kiddie pool and the kiddie hot water play area. Logan had a blast. This was a better deal than the other day. We paid 4.50 euro each and got 3 hours plus free parking. We only used about 2 hours though. The other day was 4.5 euro for 1.5 hours and we had to pay for parking.

Then we came back to the apartment and we all took a nap. Then we got up, watched some TV, cooked some supper.

Tomorrow will be a long day for Paul and Logan on their flight back to Vancouver, and then Vancouver to Nanaimo. I'm fly out around 40 minutes after them from a different terminal. We will probably drop me off to check my bags and get my tickets, and then I will go with them to return the vehicle since I need the receipts, and then check their stuff in and hang out for a bit and then when they go thru security then I will find a shuttle to my terminal and head over there. Will be a very very sad time. Logan always cries whenever I leave the hotel room without him. He says some funny stuff. He says "hot" now which is funny. When we went in the hot tub he said "Hot yahhhh hot".

He is sooooo cute. He understands sooooo much. He says Mom alot. He even calls Paul Mom which he doesn't like!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

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