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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

23 SEPT 0232

Had a good day today. Got to bed yesterday morning at around 0400 or so and slept till 1330. Got up, went to lunch, then got my laundry. Then I headed to work. Work was busy as per normal but went well. I had flights to track which was nice as well as my normal stuff.

I booked the flights for Logan and I for the holidays. I am not sure how much time Paul will have so haven't been able to book those. Logan and I fly from Comox to Toronto on Dec 15th, then Toronto to Winnipeg on the 27th of Dec, and then Winnipeg to Comox on the 9th of January. I got good prices/seat sales for Comox to Toronto and Winnipeg to Comox but the crappy thing is that the flight from Toronto to Winnipeg is more expensive then the other 2 legs. Paul's will be way worse because he has to fly on a "peak" day.

I am already on S2DexterE7. I love that show. I finished work at 0000 and biked home. I couldn't find my keys for my bike lock in my pockets and when I got to my bike it was still in the lock. I was lucky it was still there. I went right to the gym when I got home after work. I did 60 min on the bike for 1038 calories burnt and 6.46 miles. Then I did 30 situps in a row, rested a little and then another 10 seconds and then did 9 pushups. I seemed to work out harder while I was watching my dexter on my ipod then when I read. Oh well. Dexter will be done with soon.

Happy Anniversary to Amy & Steve. The big #3. I don't think she reads my blog though.

Love Rae-Lynn

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