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Thursday, September 3, 2009


We had a somewhat relaxing time today. We found out that there is a one hour time change between England and France. So we used the internet this morning. Was hugely expensive though. 10 pounds for 2 hours. That was crappy. Booked our hotel. We booked at the Hilton Croydon. they had free parking but charge 10 pounds for 24 hours of internet use. Once we got here we checked in at 1300 or so and hung out in our room all afternoon and relaxed. I was surfing to try and find out how to get to London from here without driving. I couldn't find anything. Then we went to TFI Friday's for supper. Logan smashed his glass of milk on the ground. He was almost finished and then wouldn't touch the one they brought him to replace it. We had a nice meal there and then walked back to our hotel. I talked to the hotel attendants and they told me which bus we need to take tomorrow to go to london. We take a bus and then a train and then probably the "Tube" for the rest of our travels about. We intend on seeing: the London eye, tower of London, London bridge, buckingham palace, Big Ben. Not sure what else. Will be an interesting day. Then one more night here and then we will probably head to stone henge and then back to the mainland!!!

There was a couple of weird toilets in France we forgot to mention. There was just a hole and a foot grip. Was crazy.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

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