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Monday, September 21, 2009

22 SEPT 0211

Had a good day. Went to bed at 0500 or so and got up at 1230. I managed to call Paul for 2 minutes at around 0430. Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry had come up and they went golfing. Logan even went along. Paul pushed him in his stroller and carried his clubs. Logan insisted on carrying a club while he was in the stroller. I guess half way through the course they had to wait a bit so they let him run around and he wanted to swing the club at the ball too. Was so funny hearing the story about it. The renos are done and I have pics. Will upload them after this blog post. It looks really good.

Got up at 1230 and watched some dexter. Headed to work at 1500 so I could stop at Timmies and pick up a thank you ice cap for my friend that gave my bike a tune-up. Picked up a bagel for me since I didn't go to lunch. Work went well. I did a ton of stuff and was really busy.

Had episode #2 with the guy who made life hell for me in my first year. He sat down at the computer next to me to use the phone and I was helping him with phone numbers for people he need to call. Then my American firend who sits beside me asked about French people and stereotypes etc. He asked about the french fry thing and I said it was called poutine. Then I told them they love maple syrup. Then the guy who is like over 6 feet tall said that all Quebecers are tall and strong. His english is really good now so the American thought he was an anglo but I said that he was just saying that because he is french. Then the guy was on the phone and was talking really loud in french so I joking said to the American "and they talk really loud and talk with their hands". So the guy goes "f-off Rae-Lynn", I can't say anything back because he is a major and I thought he was joking and stuff and then he goes "you are making me want to go back to my old ways, but I won't". Something like that. And then I was just really upset. I had forgiven him and was moving on and was helping him and he commented on that. I thought I had made it clear to him how much he had affected me back then with his tormenting. So I turned away and kept working on my stuff and he was like, Rae-Lynn, come on. I just kept working and was trying not to cry. Then I went and got a bottle of water and then he left. Then my friend Brian who runs the HQ at night asked me if I was alright and said if he was bothering me he would kick him out of the HQ. I said no, it was fine. Then the guy comes back and asks me to go talk to him. I said I was busy but he said 2 minutes. So we go outside and start talking and he is like "what's wrong, I was joking". I said I wasn't sure that he was. I am not sure if I offended him with my joking or what but said that wasn't my intent. He said he was joking about f-off and the comment but I said what could I say, I would never say it back. He said I should of but I told him that's not how I roll. He is a major and is senior to me even though we were in first year together. Then I explained again why his comment bothered me so much. I started crying, and I had to go in to being harassed in grade 7, and then how much he bothered me. He said he really had no idea at RMC that it was bothering me so much because I put on this big tough exterior. I said it was a coping mechanism etc. Even though my friend Jason had told him multiple times to leave me alone he figured I could take it. The worst part is that had I cried in front of him at RMC he said he would have felt so bad he would have left me alone. If only I would have known that. So we had a little chat and made up. He said he will never joke about it again and I believe he is honestly sorry. He said when he was at RMC he hated everyone and had a lot of anger from his parents divorce when he was 13. So then I came back to the HQ and my G3 (acting G3) goes "having trouble with the new maj" or something like that. I said, no we have a torrid history and he started to smile and I was like, not that history. We didn't date, he made my life hell. Then they said they could kick him out forever if I wanted and I said no, that it was all good. I even told the "guy" about Raymond etc. I think it was a good lesson for him.

Then I finished work at 2350 or so, biked home. Managed to call my Dad for a quick 5 minute chat to make sure he was doing well. He said he is. Rick and Tyler went down there for a visit on the weekend so that was nice. Then I went to the gym. I did 60 minutes on the elliptical for 847 calories burnt and 5.47 miles. Was awesome watching "Dexter" on my ipod while I worked out. Then I did 24 situps, rested 20 seconds then 6 more. Then 9 pushups. My abs are killing me. I'm sure it will get easier day by day.

Came back, showered, updated blog and then I will watch another episode of dexter. I think I have an ear infection. Has been bugging me for awhile so I have to go and check that out soon.

Love Rae-Lynn

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