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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1 OCTOBER 0000

Got to bed at 0430 or so and got up at 1330. I went to lunch and then didn't feel good after lunch. I picked up my laundry and then went to my shower and ended up puking up all of my lunch into the toilet. Felt better after that though. Then stopped at Timmies on the way to work to grab a bagel since I figured I would be hungry since I was sick. I have a really annoying cough now and my throat is sore but I'll be alright. I finished work just after 2330 and came home. I decided to skip working out again tonight because I feel so crappy. I am hoping to kick whatever is bugging me by taking it easy.

Now that it is October, I can start saying that I am going home next month!!! Yeah!!

Love Rae-Lynn

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