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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

24 sept 0500

Had a great day. Went to bed at 0530 and got up at 1200. Watched some dexter, went to work. Work went really well. Came home and went to the gym. I did 65 min on the bike for 6.94 miles and 1117 calories burnt. Then I did 30 situps, rested 10 more, and then 10 really good pushups. I sweat a ton. I am already finished up to Season 3 episode 3 on Dexter.

Just got back from calling Paul. Was nice except Logan was having a meltdown. He didn't want to eat supper and was crying so hard. It broke my heart. I hate hearing him cry. Paul said Logan almost went pee in the potty last night. Paul turned away and the pee went everywhere! Too funny.

I'm off to bed now. It is 0509

Love Rae-LYnn

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